iTunes Album Chart Promotion by Country


Boost your presence in distinct markets by increasing your popularity on iTunes. With the help of our premium iTunes album chart promotion, reach new horizons.

Don’t underestimate the prospective influence of iTunes on your career as a musician. Not only is it a profitable platform for artists to release and advertise their content, but it also comes in handy with its unique and actionable insights. Meet your project objectives with Artist Push — take the most out of your digital presence on iTunes.

How Does iTunes Album Chart Promotion Work?

Our service packages include iTunes downloads and subscribers. They can easily improve your position in ratings on the platform and help you reach the top 100 in the twinkle of the eye. 

Artist Push guarantees an all-inclusive strategy, letting you target the desired audience and music genre on iTunes. Since our packages are tailored to individual musician’s needs, it won’t be a problem to personalize your marketing tactics.

Follow this instruction to get started:

  • Step 1 — choose the target country for musical charting on iTunes.
  • Step 2 — select the optimal iTunes album chart promotion plan that caters to your interests and budget the most.
  • Step 3 — that’s when Artist Push lets the magic happen and ensures your profile on iTunes and its charts won’t be unnoticeable. Thanks to our customer-oriented tools that meet high-end standards of service, we ensure you can easily entice new fans to support your content and gain exposure in the market.

Why Choose Artist Push?

Our company stays on the guard of your secure and reputable promotion on iTunes. These services are designed exclusively for musicians who want to increase their organic traffic on the platform and ensure their content’s visibility and reach:

  • enhancing sales with reputable and safe chart promotion and placement;
  • securing your spot in the iTunes rankings;
  • selecting a customizable service package;
  • tailoring your promotion strategy without violating iTunes rules.

Contact our team to start your journey on iTunes backed up. Great results, including industry recognition and other valuable opportunities, are guaranteed.