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YouTube is one of the most prolific social media platforms available to artists across the world. From releasing music to creating music videos and providing a channel to connect with your users, YouTube has become an integral part of any successful artist's arsenal of tools.

Gaining traction on YouTube by yourself can be tricky. You see a lot of perceived overnight successes on YouTube. Artists who no one knows beforehand and then suddenly became a big deal over the weekend. While many think that this happens seemingly randomly, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Most of these people who have blown up in a short amount of time have likely spent many months, if not longer than a year, planning on how to introduce themselves to YouTube. They may also be popular on other platforms such as Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, or Snapchat. This makes the jump to YouTube a bit easier as they already have a dedicated following and have mastered social media management.


How YouTube Promotion Works for Maximising Views

Taking the time to create a well-refined YouTube promotion plan is a key part of getting popular on the platform. This can take quite a long time. You'll have to take into account things such as social media management and online advertising.

To avoid the long wait times associated with building a channel on YouTube, you should consider utilizing service such as Artist Push to garner attention quickly. Our company offers YouTube promotions to users. By paying money, you can increase the number of views, subscribers, likes, and comments on your videos. This is what makes paid promotion on YouTube so appealing to many artists.


Increasing metrics such as views, likes, subscribers, and comments will help you in these ways:


Increased authority within your musical space

Help YouTube pick up your video for promotion

Help labels recognize you and possibly sign you

Grow your following and fans immensely


Specifically, increasing these metrics will help validate others' opinions about you. People are unique in that many of our opinions are formed because of the opinions of others. People like knowing that the way they think is validated by others.

For example, if someone comes across your video but sees it only has 17 views and no likes, they're much less likely to view it. Even if the content is related to what they're searching for, they'll look to other videos and channels that have more views, likes, and fans. This is because they can see that other people are enjoying and trusting the content, so they should too.


YouTube Online Advertising is Successful Digital Strategy on the Road to Your Fame

You've likely experienced this yourself as you scroll across YouTube. By paying for YouTube promotions to increase the metrics of your videos and channels, you'll pick up a ton more viewers who would have otherwise skipped over your content.


Artist Push also allows you to choose whether you'd like gradual growth on your channel/videos or if you'd like an instant boost.

If you've already been on YouTube for a while and have amassed a relatively good-sized following, an instant boost may be better for you. On the other hand, it could appear suspicious or weird if a huge amount of views are picked up in a short period. This is especially true if you're new to YouTube and haven't posted much content yet.

If you're new to YouTube, it may be best to choose to gradually grow your channels via gradual growth this option. This will help your videos to appear to gradually grow in popularity as you continue to grow it yourself. This natural presentation is better for helping your videos and channel to appear more authentic.

On top of this, purchasing YouTube promotions from services such as Artist Push can also push your videos and channels to incredible heights. You've seen the videos on YouTube's homepage. The "Most Popular" videos or trending music videos of that day.

By utilizing promotional services, you too can land your channel and videos on the homepage. This is especially true if you choose to have the instant growth option that's available. If you garner enough views and likes on your content, your video and channel can begin to trend. When this happens, millions of users will be exposed to your video in just one day.

It's also possible to bring YouTube live into the mix with these services. This is when you go live on your channel and begin broadcasting to the world. If you need an initial bump to get you along the way, don't fret. Everything is possible in terms of YouTube promotions with Artist Push.

From there, the possibilities are endless.


Promote Your Music Only From Trusted Companies

Dealing with the professional company go beyond your expectation and your excellent video may become viral. If you're just beginning a channel on YouTube or are new to promoting music on the website, simply purchasing views to your channel or video can be a good way to jumpstart your YouTube adventures.

All the best videos on YouTube are full of views. Some have even breached the one billion mark. While one billion views are out of range, getting thousands on your videos and YouTube channel is entirely possible.


Is Buying YouTube Views Legal?

Just about every musician out there has considered purchasing views at one point or another. A common misconception is that it's illegal to buy these views. This couldn't be farther from the truth.


❗️Buying YouTube views isn't against any laws whatsoever and nothing is stopping you from doing it. Beyond the legality of it, you also don't have to worry about your YouTube channel or videos getting deleted either.


It should be noted that YouTube does have a spam filter that they use. Because of this, you shouldn't purchase too many views all at once. This can trigger spam filters and flag a video. In other words, don't purchase one million views and have them come in all at once. Rather, consider purchasing within the thousands and spreading them out over several days.

Not only will this method avoid detection from spam filters, but it'll also present your videos and channels in a natural, organic way.


Become a Trend in Social Media Buying Real YouTube Views

In the past, a common strategy was too simply purchase views from bots on YouTube. While this may have worked in the past, it's simply not effective any longer.


This is because of YouTube's algorithm they use to detect spam, bots, and to sort trending and popular videos on their homepage. As time has progressed, they've gotten increasingly better at identifying who bots are and what videos are receiving a ton of likes and subscribers from them.

Modern YouTube promotion services such as Artist Push utilize real users to give you likes, comments, and subscribers. These real users won't trigger anything in the algorithm. On the contrary, they'll help your video gain traction on the platform. You may find that one day you'll wake up to see millions of views on your video as YouTube has picked it up as a popular or trending video for the day.


❗️Purchasing views from bots is also against the rules of YouTube. If you do this, you do run the risk of getting banned. Avoid this at all costs as it'll simply lead to lost money and effort.


Always purchase real views from legitimate promotion handlers. The advantages of buying real YouTube views are simply too much to ignore.


Can You Really Buy YouTube Views in 2020?

When you decide to take the next level and begin to broadcast with YouTube Live you will open a whole new amazing tool to take attention from users and turn them into potential fans. What couldn't be happier than increasing the number of views, likes, and followers on your live dashboard?


Views on YouTube are not only indicators for the website's algorithm, but it's an indicator for users as well. Think of all the times you've been scrolling on YouTube or a similar website and avoided watching a video because it only has a few hundred views or less.

When a video has more views, it means that people are interested and wanting to see the content you're pushing. To help attract more viewers than you otherwise would've lost, you should look to increase your view count as much as possible within reason.

On top of this, views are also a metric that YouTube uses to identify videos that are trending or popular. This can help your videos make it onto the homepage of YouTube and be shown to millions of users per day.


8 Proven Tips to Promote YouTube Videos For Free

While promotional packages and services through Artist Push are great, it's not the only way you can garner more views on YouTube.


Here are some helpful ideas you should be considering when looking to get more views on YouTube for free:

  1. Optimize thumbnail pictures you use on your YouTube videos
  2. Prepare playlists
  3. Always be active and continuously uploading
  4. Optimize your titles to be easily identified by both YouTube's search bar as well as search engines such as Google and Bing
  5. Don't be afraid to offer gifts and promotions to your subscribers
  6. Add subtitles to all your videos
  7. If you're not receiving a lot of comments on your videos, consider adding high-quality comments yourself
  8. Make great YouTube tags

By doing these things, you can organically increase the number of views to your videos and channel. If you do these things in conjunction with promotional services, you can expect that much more worth from your efforts.


YouTube Subscribers: Best Marketing Opportunities on the Market

Regardless if you're a casual YouTuber or a professional music artist looking to boost your online presence via YouTube, everyone wants to be watched. So, how do you get yourself known to others on the platform? You get subscribers.


These are people who are notified every time you release a new music video or comment. They're also often used as a metric of success by YouTube. The more subscribers you have, the more well-known you are perceived within the platform.

Subscribers, commonly referred to as simply YouTube fans, are a bit more difficult to obtain than other metrics such as likes, comments, and shares. These people have to go out of their way to create an account and then subscribe to you. While this may not seem like a big deal, the majority of people who are viewing YouTube aren't doing so from an account they've created.


This is because YouTube doesn't require you to make an account to watch any video unless it's rated for ages 18+.

On top of being more difficult to obtain, they're the single largest reflective metric of your channel. If you're looking to impress others coming to your channel or even large music labels, you're going to want to be able to show that a large number of people have been following you on YouTube.

While it's possible to organically grow your channel and increase the number of subscribers you have, you'll be in for a long, arduous, difficult process. You'll be building from the ground up and be at a severe disadvantage compared to the thousands of other content creators who are already uploading music and videos daily.


How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers to Boost Your Channel Popularity

If you're interested in taking the long and difficult route of getting subscribers for free, there are some tips and tricks you can do to help you along the way. Consider doing the following:

Promote yourself everywhere, this includes across all social media profiles


✔️Utilize YouTube's features. This includes interacting with the YouTube Live dashboard, going live semi-frequently, and creating text posts as well as videos

✔️Upload, upload, and then upload more. People get bored easily and are incredibly demanding. You need to be on top of your game and be releasing as much content as possible.

✔️Go above and beyond. Simply releasing audio tracks isn't enough, upload interviews, music videos, and behind the scenes cuts as well

This entire process is going to take a long time and will require a ton of effort. None of these things are bad to do and get into the habit of doing. Think about doing these things along with purchasing YouTube subscribers for the ultimate boost to your channel and videos.


How to Buy Fans for Youtube Video Promotion

If you're looking to get started on promoting your music and channel as soon as possible, you should consider purchasing YouTube subscribers.

Lucky for you, Artist Push offers deals on purchasing subscribers. You'll be able to purchase them in intervals of 50. If you've already established your channel, consider looking at some of the larger options.

On the other hand, if you're a relatively new channel, consider starting with a small purchase of subscribers and purchasing more over time. This will help your channel appear to grow in a natural, organic fashion.


How to Get More YouTube Likes From Video Promotion

Getting YouTube likes is incredibly important to getting yourself noticed across the platform. They're a direct metric of how many people appreciate the content your pushing.


Increasing more likes on Youtube videos will help get other natural viewers to take a look at your videos. It may also help get you noticed by major music labels and other artists.

If everything works out ideally, it can even help you get noticed by YouTube's algorithm. If this happens, you can land yourself on the homepage of the website. Take a look at all the trending YouTube videos currently; they've all received quite a lot of likes.


If you're interested in getting more YouTube likes, consider doing the following:


Promote yourself and your videos across all social media platforms

Broadcast yourself on YouTube Live to get more attention

Produce regular content

Take criticism and feedback well to improve the videos and music you're putting out


These things will help you gather more likes to your videos, but may take quite a while to see the fruits of your labor.

If you're looking to boost your videos and channels as soon as possible, you'll need to check out Artistpush's promotional packages that include a boost of likes to your videos. This will help you get noticed by more people and give more authority to your videos.


Best to Get Custom Comments via YouTube Video Promotion

One of the most unknown factors when it comes to how YouTube sorts the good content from the bad is the comments on a video. Both YouTube and search engines such as Google will look for high-quality comments on your videos. These are comments from users who have put a lot of thought and effort into their comments. It's a key metric within the world of social media marketing.


If you want to purchase custom, real, and cheap YouTube comments, we offer just that. You can either have them make up the comments for you or you can customize them to your liking.

If you're looking to have your videos perceived in the best way possible, you need to be looking to increase the quality of your video's comments via professional marketing company.


Inclusive YouTube Channel Promotion Using Promotional Packages

When you're first beginning your YouTube career, becoming one of the most searched on YouTube can be a daunting task. Use Artistpush's promotional packages to get ahead of the curve and rocket your channel into unrelenting success.

But, you should know that YouTube has gotten notoriously good at detecting which channels are inflating their numbers and which aren't. So have the users.

To look as authentic as possible, you should want to have a similar comment to like to view ratios across your videos. For example, it'd set flags off if your video had 100,000 views but only two comments and five likes. Avoid this.

To save money and not purchase several things at once, consider utilizing Artistpush's comprehensive YouTube promo packs  ❤️ These packages are designed to help you start a successful YouTube channel and become one of the most searched on YouTube.