SoundCloud Promotion

Artistpush allows you to pay for organic growth and listeners through their Soundcloud promotion services. This gets real people, not bots, to listen to your music and begin following you. This can be a great beginning to form a dedicated fanbase to carry you to fame. Buy more Soundcloud plays, followers, likes, comments, and reposts. There are even several inclusive packages to help you get the most out of your money. Scroll down for the full immersion 👇



When you're first beginning your journey into promoting yourself and your music within the industry, you'll quickly realize that the number of followers and attention you've garnered for yourself on various social media platforms.

With the new digital age that has presented itself to us, Soundcloud has become the underground scene for music across the world. Back in the day, underground music typically centered itself within major cities.

This is how distinct styles of music were formed. For example, the great east coast versus west coast debate in the 1990s within the hip-hop industry was formed because of the two contrasting styles of rap music that emerged.


Nowadays, the internet can connect artists, musicians, and fans from all over the world in one place. Services such as Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music are popular outlets to find artists who are popular and have already gathered a large following for themselves.

So, where do people go to find new music? Where do artists promote themselves without having to compete against huge household names? The answer? Soundcloud 😎

Soundcloud is a relatively recent development within the music industry, having its roots begin around a decade ago. In recent times, it's one of, if not the most, popular way for budding artists to share and promote their music. After only a quick look, you can find dozens of world-renowned artists who had their beginnings on Soundcloud.

These artists include many rappers such as Lil Pump, Lil Xan, and many others. Soundcloud is, without a doubt, one of the integral parts of the music industry to help up and coming artists find fans for their music.


There are many ways to organically increase your following on Soundcloud. From constant uploads to sharing across your social media platforms, there are plenty of options. The problem is, you'll need an already large following for you to be able to promote your material quickly.

This means it can take months, if not years, to be able to build a Soundcloud following on your own without any help. This is where services such as Artistpush comes in.

What most people don't know is that there are services available to help you promote yourself on Soundcloud. Many artists make the mistake of uploading their music and only sharing it across their social media profiles. While there's nothing wrong with this, and you should be doing it, you're missing out on a huge advantage available through third-party services such as Artistpush ⚡️


All the Tips You Need to Sync Up Soundcloud Promotion


Through Artistpush, you can get more Soundcloud plays, followers, likes, comments, and reposts. Taking advantage of these services should be a no-brainer. While most people aren't aware services like this exist, those that do oftentimes have a misconception about what these services provide.


In the past, many services were keen on using bots and non-persons to follow, like, comment, and repost their music. While this may be helpful to increase your authority on Soundcloud and to others, it doesn't get you what you need to make it big – a dedicated fan base.

Artistpush promotes your Soundcloud with real people who love music and new artists. This increased exposure is guaranteed to help you in the long run and can be a great asset to you during the beginning of your promotion adventures.

Of course, this Soundcloud promotion service is 100 percent safe and legitimate. There are no secrets, no hidden fees, no tricks, it's 100 percent organic viewers who are looking to find artists just like you. What Artistpush does is give those looking for new music a pathway to find you and fall in love with your music and talent.

You've seen the famous top Soundcloud rappers, you've heard all about the success stories that have come from Soundcloud, and you know that it's going to continue to happen well into the future. Don't let someone else be the next success story, it can be you too 👊


Buy Soundcloud Plays to Impart Your Music to The World


Buying more Soundcloud plays is how you can grab the attention of thousands and ride the wave to lifelong success. It's a metric that immediately turns heads because it's a raw number of how many people are interested in listening to your track.

You'll see services all over the internet that offer increased plays, views, and other Soundcloud metrics. Most of these services are scams. They'll use fake profiles or bot accounts to listen to your tracks.

What you need to buy is Artistpush's promotion package that increases Soundcloud plays. Artistpush uses verified profiles from around the globe to play your track naturally and organically. This means real people will be listening to your track instead of an automated computer.


Aritstpush will allow you to increase plays in increments of 1,000 per purchase. They can even be split into different tracks. For example, if you purchase 1,000 plays, you can put 500 plays on one song and 500 plays onto another.

With Artistpush, you won't suffer from daily spikes in plays, shady music promotion services, or any other of the negatives typically associated with buying Soundcloud plays. Artistpush was formed by digital marketers who know how hard it can be as a budding artist.

That's why Artistpush is the only service you should trust when buying Soundcloud plays. Buy plays today and save yourself the hassle of waiting months, or years, to get the same following.


Soundcloud Followers From Real Profiles Impact Popularity


Increasing your Soundcloud followers does so much more than give you a pretty number to look at. It'll directly affect the number of plays your tracks get, how people perceive your success as an artist, and how labels view you.

The number of followers your Soundcloud account has is essentially how popular you are as an artist. If someone is scrolling through the internet and stumbles upon your account, do you think they'd be more likely to listen to you if you had 100 or 1,000 followers? 1,000 followers, of course! People like to follow the tracks of others, and buying Soundcloud followers can help you influence anyone who finds you.

Labels are also notorious for caring about your online presence. By having more followers, you'll be showing that you're an artist with a dedicated fanbase. This goes a long way in proving how successful you can be in the long term.


If you're wondering how to get more Soundcloud followers, the answer lies within Artistpush ⚡️


Artistpush allows you to buy followers in multiples of 1,000. These followers have verified accounts that are real and authentic. They aren't bots. You'll have genuine, real people following and checking out all your latest music. Not only will you have more followers, but you'll indirectly be increasing your likes, reposts, and comments as well.

The followers on your account will also last forever. This is an important feature as many sham websites will sell followers but then have the accounts gradually unfollow you. This can cause spikes in your daily follower account and hurts your reputation and popularity in the long term.

Buy followers from Artistpush to get the quality digital marketing that you deserve.


Advantage of Soundcloud Likes to Your Profile


One of the key indicators for how well your Soundcloud doing is the number of likes it has received. Beyond the raw amount of plays that the track has gotten, likes are a raw indicator of how many people are enjoying what you're putting out.

It also serves as a signal to other uses, and potentially labels, who take a look at your music as to how people feel about your music. Because of this, having a ton of likes on your Soundcloud page and music is incredibly important.


Here are the three things that having more likes on your Soundcloud tracks will do for you:

✔️Increase authority

✔️Create more exposure

✔️Help you get signed


When a Soundcloud user scrolls through new music, they don't select whatever track and take it a listen. Rather, an average user will look for music that is similar to their tastes and then look to see how others are perceiving the music.

Before anyone even listens to a track, they'll be judging it based on the opinions of others. This concept is true across most ideas in life. People love to base their opinions on the opinions of others. It gives them a sense of security that their beliefs are correct.

Likes work as an authenticator to validate the music. Even if someone finds a track and enjoys it, they're much less likely to share it and create exposure for it if there aren't people already liking it.

To increase the number of likes you get on your Soundcloud tracks, you should consider purchasing likes from services such as Artistpush. You'll be able to purchase likes from real people. This is important to distinguish as these likes are coming from real, genuine people – not bots.

Not only with this increase the authority behind your music, but it'll also help you gain more followers, comments, and fans in the process. You'll be knocking out three or four birds with one stone.


Purchasing Soundcloud Likes Isn't Just About Flaunting


The more likes you have on your tracks, the more support you'll gain behind you. You'll come off as a rockstar, or someone who's undoubtedly already popular and the user hasn't heard of you yet. Both of these things are key in getting more fans and creating a hardcore, dedicated fan base.

Having more likes on your Soundcloud can also help you get signed. It's no secret that all labels take a look at much more than the music you produce. From their standpoint, they want an artist or band that's marketable.

This means everything from your persona, appearance, age, and more will be taken into account. Of course, how popular you already are within the online world is also a major factor.

Having more likes on your Soundcloud tracks will show labels and potential collaborators that you're the real deal. These labels and people already know that likes are a major factor in how an artist is perceived. The more you have, the more labels will trust that you're going to be a hit within the industry.


Growing the number of likes on your Soundcloud is usually directly related to the amount of exposure you're able to get the track. This means you'll likely need to already have a relatively large following on other social media platforms to be able to gather attention to your track.

This process can take a long time, and fame can sometimes be on a time limit. It's always better to promote and market yourself within the music industry sooner rather than later.

Of course, gaining free Soundcloud likes is possible. But, the process may be long and arduous if you're not already coming onto the scene with a large following. If you want to reach the heights of the best Soundcloud rappers, using Artistpush to get likes on your tracks can be key.

Utilize Artishpush to get yourself organic likes onto tracks that you want to be popular ⭐️In this case, seeing is believing.


Lift your prevalence. Pick Up Soundcloud Reposts and Soundcloud Comments


Both reposts and comments are indicators of how people perceive your music. Much like how likes increase your authority, build a reputation, and attract attention to your music and brand, so do reposts and comments.

While comments may have both a positive or negative impact, reposts are a direct indicator that someone is enjoying your music. More specifically, they enjoy it so much that they're trying to share it with the people they know.

In this way, having more reposts can be infinitely more valuable to growing your following and brand as an artist. When someone comes across a track with many likes, they'll assume that people are enjoying the track and may give it a listen. After someone sees that a song has many reposts, they'll assume that people are liking it enough that it's beginning to go viral.

This incentivizes users to not only listen to the track but to share it themselves as well. No one wants to be behind the loop and not know about top trending artists. Reposts will validate these user's beliefs and will generate more organic reposts in the long term. It's a win-win for everyone.


Artistpush allows you to purchase up to 1,000 reposts on any given track. You can also split these reposts between different tracks. These reposts will then spread, much like a spider web, as friends and followers of the users reposting begin to trickle in and listen to your track.

Because of this, you'll be able to gain more authority within the music industry and boost the overall amount of views that each of your tracks gets.

Comments are another great indicator of how people feel about your track. Although, comments aren't always positive. While this can be a downfall of having comments on your track, purchasing positive comments are a great way to show others that people are enjoying your music. This will help validate their opinions and grow your music's popularity across the board.


Artistpush will allow you to purchase comments from real users. Either these comments will be created by these real people and will always be positive, or you can create your comments to have them published. Ideally, you should create your comments so you can tailor what others are going to see on your track.

The key to this is to not have comments that are overwhelmingly positive or seem a bit too excited about your track. You want them to seem authentic with a lot of thought behind them as well. Of course, you don't want the comments to be negative.

Throwing a bit of criticism within your tracks will show that others are enjoying your music but perceive you as personable enough to take feedback. It's a great way to promote yourself.

It should be noted that you want an even mixture of everything. If a user comes across one of your tracks and sees that it has thousands of likes, but only a dozen or so comments or reposts, they may think something is up. To be as authentic as possible and come off as a trusted artist, you should have a good ratio of comments, likes, and reposts to validate your song to others.

At the end of the day, utilizing Soundcloud repost services, Soundcloud reposts promotions, and pulling the trigger to buy Soundcloud comments is a no-brainer. Artistpush's Soundcloud promotions are meant for the smart marketer and for someone who wants to push themselves into fame.


Soundcloud Promotion Packages Proves to Be Useful


If you're wanting to be like the famous Soundcloud rappers, or want a Soundcloud rapper starter pack, consider using Artistpush and purchasing one of the several mixed promo packs that are available.


These promo packs allow you to gain more comments, likes, reposts, and plays on your tracks. This is the ideal way to promote yourself. While you can purchase likes, reposts, plays, and comments separately, you want to have a mix of them on your Soundcloud tracks.

This is because having one or two of these metrics that are incredibly high while the others are relatively low will signal the alarm bells in a user's mind. Why would a track have 10,000 likes but only three reposts? To avoid this, you should look to have believable ratios.

It should be also noted that you shouldn't overdo it if you're a new or budding artist. This is especially true if you haven't released many songs yet. In this case, it can be suspicious to have too many views, comments, likes, or reposts on your track.

People will be able to tell that you're newer to the scene and will be a bit wary if it seems that you have too much attention. Keep it reasonable and look to promote yourself slowly.


Eventually, you'll find yourself at the top of the Soundcloud game 🤘