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Have you ever felt like you want to become a superstar★? Living big all while making your original music. Well, what if we tell you that this is possible through Amazon music promotion? However, there are a few things you need to know first if you want to step in on this game.


Amazon Music And Its Place Among The Most Popular Streaming Platforms


❗️Amazon was never really keen on releasing official numbers about its users. However, we do know that the legendary e-commerce titan now has over 55 million users for their Amazon Music service. Of course, the company didn't officially release details about different pricing tiers, although it's been officially confirmed that Amazon Music Unlimited saw a growth of over 50% in the last year alone. It's also important to note that in Germany, the UK, and the USA, Amazon also offers an ad-supported version of Amazon Music. To those who don't know what is Amazon Music, it's a music streaming service, similar to Spotify, which comes with the Amazon Prime membership. 

When it comes to the ever-lasting music streaming "wars," Amazon is still way behind Spotify, an industry titan that had a 30% of user increase to 248 million in the third quarter of 2019 alone, and the 31% increase in paid users, with the number reaching 113 million. Amazon Music also stays behind Apple Music, who recently revealed that they have surpassed the 60-million mark. Nonetheless, Amazon Music VP Steve Boom said that the number of 55 million users was a thing to be proud of, and they're very optimistic about the future, especially with the combination of the development of Alexa and Amazon Music HD. 

Needless to say, music presents a special form of art and expression for human beings. Music and video streaming platforms catch this priority and implement them in best products. 

At the same time, it also found its widespread use as a form of entertainment. As a result of both the artistic and entertainment aspect, we got so many different musical styles in modern history. These days, we have anything from classical music and up to some extreme metal genres. Whatever is the feeling that you want to convey, whether it's joy or sadness, there's always a musical style that will help you live through it. 

And the best part is that you now live in the times where almost all of the music ever recorded is available through streaming platforms, one of them being Amazon Music. In this brief guide, we're going to look into Amazon Music Promotion and how it can be accessed to help you stream your favorite music. In some way, this also presents an Amazon Prime promotion in its way, since these two services are interconnected. 


How Much Does Amazon Pay Per Stream And Where is The Benefit For Musician


Ever since the establishment of music streaming services, one of the burning questions was how much the artists get paid for it. The matter of streaming royalties or streaming rates has been one of the main interests not only for musicians but also for music fans and enthusiasts. However, the big problem here is that it's not a simple question to answer. Additionally, the topic has also been somewhat controversial due to many artists and even record labels complaining about how they're earning very low rates from streaming services.

From all the music streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, and Amazon Music are the most famous ones. But interestingly enough, many of these services don't have a simple payment rate per one stream. There are a few factors in the equation and these include the country where the listener currently listens from, in which country they made their account, the artist's specific royalty rate, and additional differences depending on the exact region. 

But despite so many unknowns in the equation, some rough average estimates are depending on the platform. 


💰💰💰 For instance, Spotify will give about $0.004 per one stream to an artist, which is roughly the same compared to Amazon Music. Deezer sits somewhere at $0.006, while YouTube's rate is significantly lower and is around $0.00069 per one view. It's also hard to say which streaming service pays the most, but according to unofficial estimates, it seems that Napster has the highest average rate, somewhere at around $0.019 per one stream. 


Bear in mind that these are just rough estimates. As already mentioned, the rates depend on so many different factors and every artist will have a different experience depending on the contract with the streaming service or the label. Of course, this issue has been a burning topic for quite some time, especially because many artists have complained about streaming services taking a huge portion of their royalties. In the end, it seems that only the top mainstream artists manage to earn a respectable amount. 

Some independent artists who write, produce, perform, and release their music might get a better rate. However, they are also less known and might not get the streaming count at the desired level or are just not in a position to sign a better contract due to their situation. 


What's Better From the Perspective of Listeners: Spotify or Amazon Music 

From the perspective of the listener, there's always one important question – which music streaming service is better for me? Once again, we have a question that's not that simple to answer. To understand this and narrow down to Spotify and the Amazon Music service, since they're two very popular platforms for many different users. 


So is Amazon Music Better Than Spotify? What Is The Core Difference Among Platforms?


Both of these services have a large number of free or paid subscribers. And with some great deals for paid versions, Spotify Premium vs Amazon Music Unlimited became a burning topic as well. So let's first start with the music catalogue or the collection of songs and musical pieces that are on these two platforms. 

On one side, we have Spotify that keeps around 40 million different tracks in their collection. But interestingly enough, Amazon Music's Unlimited service has a catalogue of around 50 million individual recordings. But which of these two collections is "better" is hard to answer. Although Amazon Music Unlimited does have a larger collection, it depends on what kind of music do you prefer to listen to. It would be the best idea to do your research and see whether your favorite artists appear on these platforms. 


Compatibility is another important issue. As far as Spotify goes, we have both Android and iOS apps, as well as a very useful browser-based player. Additionally, you can also download a Windows app or even use Spotify Connect that lets you play music through your home stereo or any external devices, including Google Assistant and even Alexa. With Amazon Music Unlimited, we also have iOS and Android compatibility, as well as desktop apps for Windows and Mac. Additionally, Fire tablets and Fire TVs are compatible, as well as certain car-based entertainment systems. In the end, it's expected to have Amazon Music Unlimited available through the company's Echo devices. 

While the sound quality is roughly the same, we need to admit that Spotify has a way better system for search and music discovery. The only advantage when it comes to sound quality is noticeable with Amazon for the high-resolution audio files. Other than this, they're in many ways similar and it just comes down to what the individual music listener prefers. To be fair, you can't go wrong with either of these.  


Practical Question: How Do Amazon Prime Playlist Promotions Work? 


Of course, one of the most important features of music streaming services are the playlists. No matter the genre, no matter the artist, and no matter the era, you can create your own private or public playlists. In some way, Spotify playlists and Amazon Music playlists have started erasing the boundaries between genres. These days, people are not restricted by musical styles and will listen to whatever they like. It's not uncommon to find both Kanye West and, let's say, Dolly Parton on the same playlist. Here, we're interested in the best Amazon Prime Playlists and promotion through them. 

Amazon Playlist promotion has its value, mostly because these playlists bring new music to potential new listeners. And the popularity of an individual playlist will allow any artist to spread their exposure to new territories and get their chance to shine. 


So how do Amazon Prime Playlist Promotions work? The idea behind the concept is to put a certain song in a top-rated playlist. Using organic methods, you'll not only get listeners but also potential new followers on the platform. No matter if we're talking about the Amazon Music individual plan or the family plan, these playlists are shown to everyone with the paid service. And let's not mention the immense value that an artist can get form the attention of managers, PRs, and festival promoters. 


To use the full potential of these playlists, an artist or a band would need the right type of placement to get the full effect. This is why we use our experience and implement the best possible approach for any musician's case. There's a wide array of options for Amazon Music playlist promotions, including thematic groups, different blogs, as well as our close and lengthy partnerships with music streaming companies. 

Amazon Music promotion still opens up many possibilities on so many levels. And why not use the opportunity? After all, maybe it's YOU who's going to be the next big thing. Don't think so? Well, you won't ever know if you don't try… 


Getting Your Music Out There: How to Get More Amazon Music Plays 


Whether a music listener wants to play Amazon Music offline or online, it's the overall streaming numbers that count from the perspective of the artist. And in case you want to get Amazon plays to a certain desirable level, you're not the only one as most of the musicians on the platform are aiming for the same goal. And, as we already said, boosting Amazon Music stream count allows you to not only share your music with more people but also get more followers and attention from music promoters. The ultimate goal is simple – it's all about growing your fanbase and eventually earning more money from your music. 


Of course, Amazon Prime Music is already available for all Amazon Prime users. And just imagine – it offers over 2000 playlists, all holding more than 2 million individual tracks. And the best part about it is that it's completely ad-free, allows song skipping, and can be used offline. While this all seems great from the perspective of music listeners, it's the artists who can benefit from Amazon Prime Music. And that's exactly where the streaming promotion services step in to save the day. By getting additional Amazon Music plays, artists get more attention for exposure and eventually get the chance to launch their careers into the stratosphere. Yes, it takes more than just additional streams since you need to have good music that people would enjoy. But there's always something that can boost things a little and help you get up there with the stars. 


What Is the Difference Between Amazon Music and Amazon Music Unlimited 


Sure, all these things are amazing, but one important question comes to mind, both from the perspective of a listener and an artist or a band – what is the difference between Amazon Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. Well, compared to some other more complex questions that we addressed in this guide, this one is way simpler to answer. 


❓First off these are two versions of the same service, and there are some significant differences based on the same principle. Of course, both give access to a vast library of music, covering many different genres and eras. On one hand, we have Amazon Prime Music, which comes free of charge with simple Amazon Prime membership. And then we have Amazon Music Unlimited which is $7.99 if you have Amazon Prime subscription or $9.99 in case you want to use it as a standalone product. Both Amazon Prime Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music are completely ad-free and offer unlimited play, as well as the option to listen to music offline. At the same time, we also have a large number of different playlists and personalized streaming stations and the much-needed features to skip as many songs as you like. 


However, the main difference comes with the sheer amount of music that Amazon Prime Unlimited offers. While Amazon Prime Music comes with 2 million tracks, the Unlimited version offers the astronomical figure of 50 million individual musical pieces. Of course, this comes with a price, but we'd argue that $7.99 or $9.99, depending on the preferred model, is worth it, especially if you're willing to hear a lot of new music. Of course, for Prime members, Amazon Music Unlimited is available for $79 per year, which is quite a deal. Be that as it may, you can enjoy Amazon Music online and offline with both of the services. 


Aside from the larger selection and a bigger price tag, there are a few other differences. Amazon Music Unlimited will also offer voice commands for the Amazon Echo devices and Alexa AI assistant. You can give commands to play an individual song, album, a specific artist, or even a very specific genre. Of course, with the genre, you'll get a pretty wide selection, but it's still a pretty great way to find out about new music, especially with its vast library. Other than this voice command feature, we also have some exclusive content within Amazon Music Unlimited. There are even some behind-the-scenes stories about artists and specific songs. In some cases, we even have exclusive artist commentary along with the song. 


With so many advantages, we would always recommend Amazon Music Unlimited over the regular Amazon Music Prime service. The additional debate might come with Amazon Music Prime vs Spotify Premium, which we already addressed in one of the previous sections of this guide. And, as we mentioned, this usually comes down to personal preferences. Spotify might feature better search options and a more "user-friendly" algorithm that helps you access new music more easily, but Amazon Prime Unlimited has a larger library and some very exciting features. This is exactly the reason why we would single it out as the best music streaming option.

The only thing left to do now is to become famous! Reaching new markets has never been easier. And it's all possible through our music promotion services.