What is Audiomack and How Much They Can Pay Per Stream

What is Audiomack and How Much They Can Pay Per Stream

For every beginner musician, it is essential to find platforms to promote their music and gain an audience. Platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music are viral, and everyone wishes to get streamed on these platforms. However, others may not be as popular but indeed can have a significant impact on your career. Audiomack is one of the best and most effective streaming platforms for beginner musicians to attract fans to your music.

Get paid streaming royalties from Audiomack

How much Audiomack pay per stream?

TIDAL pays the highest royalties, Napster pays 12,500 for one million streams, Audiomack freemium pays under $10 for 5,000 streams.

How much Audiomack pay per streamAudiomack is growing rapidly, and the platform is partnering with huge companies such as Live Nation, Warner Music Group, DMN, etc. So if you are planning to promote your music and are in the early stages of your career, we highly recommend you to consider Audiomack.

How Does Audiomack Work?

The main difference between Audiomack and other music platforms is that Audiomack tries to build up the success of new artists rather than already established ones. Audiomack founders describe themselves as a platform where musicians should be engaged every day. 

However, not only new artists use Audiomack. Already famous artists like Eminem or Nicki Minaj are also part of the platform, as they also need to attract a young fanbase. And also, for every artist, it is essential to be up to date and get familiar with every platform. So even if Audiomack is relatively smaller than today, it doesn't mean that they won't become one of the giants in the future. 

As the statistics tell, about 90 percent of Audiomack's users are people who are under 35 years old. The young audience is the most valuable segment of the fanbase. So that is why every artist tries to attract the younger generation. In addition to this, the main thing that differentiates Audiomack from others is that they don't charge artists for promotion. 

What are the Advantages of Audiomack?

First of all, Audiomack is a platform where artists and fans are connected. It means that fans have an opportunity to communicate with their favorite artist and not only exist on the platform. 

Artists can upload their music directly to the platform, which is done very quickly. And what is very beneficial for artists is that they keep ownership of their profiles. So Audomack is trying to remove all the challenging barriers for the artist by making their job more accessible and more pleasant. 

Effective streaming promotion services for your music

On other platforms, there is a lot of control over the artists, and before uploading the music, the artist should pass a couple of steps. On Audiomack, the process is made more accessible, and artists have direct access to the platform.

Audiomack is a whole new opportunity for those artists who don't like limitations and restrictions and enjoy direct access to the platform. And if you are a completely new artist, or you are at the beginning of your road, you definitely should try Audiomack to promote your music. The platform is designed especially for young artists to help them open new doors and new horizons. Ensure that you get familiar with the platform, and try to use every aspect and tool of it in your favor. 



  • Garry

    Hi, after I’ve read this article, I immediately created my Audiomack profile. Didn’t know that it is this useful. Thanks, guys.

  • Liza

    Honestly, I remember when I just started using Audiomack. It was a bit hard, but now, I totally understand how it works. It is a good service. And a lot of famous artists use Audiomack, not for a long time, but anyway)

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