How Much Money Can You Get on TikTok With 1 Million Views?

How Much Money Can You Get on TikTok With 1 Million Views?

TikTok is a platform with solid monetization potential. You can monetize your profile and start getting income by using a complex approach and being consistent. You have to update your content daily, follow trends, and keep your audience satisfied so they will be waiting for every next video. However, only getting one million views on TikTok is not enough because the platform will pay no more than $40. If you want to get serious income, you can’t rely only on the raw TikTok video monetization. The platform has huge earning potential, and all you have to do is to learn it and implement it.

Estimated Earnings from 1 Million TikTok Views by Country

This chart shows an estimate of the TikTok Creator Fund's returns, illustrating the variation in potential returns based on geographic location.

Estimated Earnings from 1 Million TikTok Views by Country

These figures are approximate and can vary based on several factors including local market conditions and changes in TikTok's monetization policies

Why is Engagement so Important for TikTok Creators?

User-generated content is a core component of the platform. People are not only creating videos but also engaging with others’ content by liking, commenting, and sharing it. Creators have full potential with access to editing tools so that they can personalize their content by using special effects, transitions, and putting music in the background. This is what differentiates TikTok from other platforms, where content is usually created by specialists; here, videos are mostly created by individuals. They want to create viral videos that will reach the target audience and bring better engagement.

Engagement is crucial for your success because it directly impacts the TikTok algorithm and its business model. The algorithm analyzes users’ behavior, evaluating their preferences. The system sees what videos people like, comment, and share and offers similar content. This approach is used to maximize users’ satisfaction and forces them to stay on the platform. As an influencer who wants audience growth, consider analyzing your profile activity to see the current user engagement level. It allows you to enhance user experience and reach your target audience more effectively. 

If you don’t know how to work with TikTok analytics and use this information to your advantage, check this short tutorial. The author explains in simple words how to access a TikTok business account and how to read these analytics, and also gives tips about using data to your advantage.

Make Your Content Viral to Increase Engagement

TikTok algorithm always fosters viral content to the top. That is the reason why people try to viralize content, so more interested users will see this content. The more users engage with your posts like and share them, the more chances you have to reach new users so they will see your content and start following your page. Check our recent post to see how to make a TikTok go viral as we explain how to create high-value content and how to make more people see it. 

To speed up the process and see positive changes in statistics, consider using the TikTok promotion package. Your account will be promoted by experienced specialists who analyze algorithms and rely on the most effective methods. You will gain views from real people, so you will have organic reach and rapidly move to a higher rank.

Monetizing your TikTok content: Creator Fund

This is a primary method to monetize your content on TikTok. The purpose of the Creator Fund is to support content creators as they receive performance-based rewards for their content. To become a part of the Creator Fund, you have to meet specific criteria: 

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have no less than 10,000 followers on your TikTok account
  • Consistently post original content that meets Community Guidelines

When you get accepted to the Creator Fund, your earnings from TikTok videos will depend on the number of views, engagement rates, location, and video completion rates. There is no clear structure, so you won’t be able to define your monthly income.

Influencer Marketing

By gaining subscribers and increasing the number of views, your profile becomes visible to brands and advertisers. By collaborating with them, you promote their products and services. Do it creatively by making a reference to a famous advertising video or recreating scenes from movies and TV series. You keep people interested in the product by revealing its advantages in a non-standard manner and don’t step up from your style of content creation.

How to attract brands? Only by improving the quality of your content. You need to create short, engaging, and topic-related content that will satisfy the audience. You build a personal brand and become recognizable so not only followers but random users who are interested in such content will watch your videos consistently. Later, when your audience and engagement rise, you can contact brands directly or work with influencer marketing platforms to get new connections.

Selling Products

TikTok is not only a platform for funny videos, it’s also a place to promote your business, get new clients, and increase your income. Once you have a loyal fanbase, you can start selling merchandise and other products. Mention them in your videos, integrate the advertising lines, and tell about the advantages of buying products from you. For example, your followers will get a discount or receive a gift for every purchase expensive than $100.

A key to successful merchandise sales is a strong brand that offers products that reflect the interests of your followers. Speak to your audience, ask users to leave feedback, and do everything to keep them satisfied.

Live Streams

Broadcasts can also be a source of income. Since you have more than 1,000 followers on TikTok, you can start streaming and get a profit from the monetization. When content creators are on a broadcast, they receive gifts and coins from the viewers. Later, it can be converted into real money. Famous influencers can earn from 5,000 to 50,000 dollars per month from streams despite the fact that it is not a direct monetizing method. Some bloggers run 24/7 streams, increasing their income and getting more audience engagement during the broadcast. However, there is a negative part of this activity, as continuous broadcasts could lead to emotional burnout. 

Here's a table summarizing different revenue sources for TikTok creators, along with descriptions and factors influencing how much they can earn from each source:

Revenue Source Description Influencing Factors
Creator Fund Payment from TikTok based on video views and engagement. View count, engagement rate, content quality, and algorithm compatibility.
Sponsored Content Earnings from partnerships with brands for promoted content. Number of followers, niche, engagement rate, brand compatibility.
Livestreaming Income from virtual gifts and tips received during live video streams. Viewer count, engagement during livestream, quality of interaction.
Merchandise Sales Revenue from selling branded products related to the creator's content. Brand strength, follower loyalty, product quality, marketing strategy.
Affiliate Marketing Earnings from commissions on sales generated through product links shared by the creator. Follower engagement, trustworthiness of the creator, quality of promoted products.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question “How much money can you get on TikTok with 1 million views?” depends on how much effort you are ready to invest in the content creation and promotion. Work on making high-quality content, understand your audience, and always search for new ideas. Trends are changing rapidly, and you should be ready for it. Analyze your competitors and use TikTok analytics to find weak points in your videos to eliminate them. Optimize the content and start making money right away.


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  • Joe Noel

    I’ve been curious about TikTok’s earning potential, and this article breaks it down perfectly. It’s not just about views but about engagement and diversifying income streams. Time to step up my TikTok game!

    I’ve been curious about TikTok’s earning potential, and this article breaks it down perfectly. It’s not just about views but about engagement and diversifying income streams. Time to step up my TikTok game!

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