Hip-Hop SoundCloud Push 20 Days


20 days of Soundcloud organic promotion. Gain more comments, likes, reposts, and plays on your tracks. Your tracks will be promoted to various listeners who will listen to your songs and you should get at least 10k-20k plays worldwide along with some likes and involvement in different tracks.

You get:

  • 10k-20k Real plays
  • 300-600 Real reposts
  • 300-600 Real likes
  • 150-300 Real comments
  • New real followers: 1-2% of the number of reposts

We will place your song on several mega-popular and successful SoundCloud accounts (these are not only our accounts but also our unbelievable partners') in the category expressly for hip hop fans. An absolutely natural chain reaction, they will interact with your hip hop and rap songs and repost them to their followers. Premium SoundCloud accounts will definitely surprise you.
You need this package for sure if you want to get new listeners and plays. So here it is, the extra perk of 100% organic Soundcloud promotion: your final goal in the music promotion doesn't mean that much in this case, but the only thing which always works: is that attracting real listeners to your genre will get you there as fast as lightning. So let's blow this up!