DJMag Top100 Promotion

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That's right: we'll get your name on the prestigious DJMag Top 100 chart, with organic context votes and optimal distribution. Get a quote by emailing us today.

Ready to join the world's best DJs right at the top?

We'll push your music to the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 chart. That's right: your name and tracks in the Top 100 chart, pushed reliably and safely with the perfect mix of promotion techniques.

We've been doing that for years, and you're about to become our next success.

How do we do it? The trick with DJ Mag is channel variety and perfect timing:

  • contest votes from real, active DJMag profiles
  • organic distribution of voting and interest during the promotion period
  • geographic variety of DJmag contest votes
  • of course, lots of votes! (an early start doesn't hurt, either)
  • ideally, coordination with music social promotion - ours or your own

Sounds right? It is! Our verified method has pushed many DJs not only to the Top 100, but up and climbing in the most popular charts. Get ready to become a recognized name in electronic music, with our custom DJMag Top 100 promotion package. 

This is a tailor-made service, which means we design a quote for each project. Send us an email at with some basic info, your awesome music and any info about you that comes to mind (for best efficiency, attach social handles or URLs).

Order today and get a quote ASAP. Throughout the entire campaign, we send progress reports and direct links, so you can see what's up at any time and coordinate our promotion with your own fan rallying across the Web.