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Push your track on five playlists on Spotify.

With this professional Spotify promotion service, you get to add one song or track on premium Spotify playlists. Get thousands of listeners from around the world.

The most popular Spotify playlists: Pop, Dance, Rock, R&B.

This special package gives you 4500-9000 streams per the promotion period.

*These playlists don't contain any followers. The placement in these playlists gives you the generation of high-conversion plays, which Spotify is fixed and, as a result, you will also receive royalties. If you need playlists with followers, you can order Underground Premium Playlist on Spotify with 10k Followers or Premium Hip-Hop Spotify playlists with 50k+ followers.

*Please, note! Since providing this service bears considerable costs for us, if your song is 6:00 minutes or longer you'll have to order it twice.