How to get to the best Spotify playlists?

How to get to the best Spotify playlists?

One of the most popular streaming platforms, Spotify, contain millions of playlists. Playlist placement makes it possible to be heard by millions of users. Every artist wishes to pop up at one of these playlists. To make that happen, first of all you need to understand how they work. All playlists are divided into three basic types: personalized, editorial, and listener playlists.


Streaming playlist is based on a listener’s taste. The process of creating such playlists is completely automated - they work on the basis of Spotify algorithms. Spotify selects the most appropriate music for listeners, based on their behavioral characteristics and musical taste. The platform studies the habits of their listeners, their actions: what kind of music they like, what they share. Moreover, Spotify even selects listeners with similar taste. Despite the fact that the process is automated, it is monitored by real people. The more followers you have, the more personalized playlists you’ll get on. Every time your track or song gets into a personalized playlist, every subscriber will receive a notification about it. This is a powerful tool to promote your music on. You can push your songs and tracks with additional Spotify plays.

The most popular personalized playlists

Discover Weekly (37 million global subscribers) - the compilation of songs released every Monday, update once a week.

Release Radar - the compilation of new releases, comes out on Fridays, update once a week. Release Radar get more streams than any of Spotify’s playlists, and certainly far more than any curated playlist that isn’t managed by Spotify’s team of curators.


Created by official Spotify curators. These are music experts and specialists from around the world who have studied the interests and behaviors of various groups of people for many years. Each curator works in a separate genre, thoroughly knows his audience. These playlists are designed to share music in different regions. Each genre has its own group of feeder playlists – where editors test new music to see how listeners react to those songs. Editorial playlists are a symbiosis of expert experience and the work of algorithmic systems of the platform Spotify. In other words, it is a robot endowed with human skills.

The most popular editorial playlists

Most Necessary – playlist for rap music, included 100 songs.

Rap Caviar is one of the biggest hip-hop playlists with 9 million followers.

These playlists are curated by the global programming head of hip-hop at Spotify, Tuma Basa. But Tuma Basa has already left the company. According to Billboard, he moved to YouTube for designing new streaming music service Remix. But the playlists are still alive even after his departure. Playlist placement allows you to become a king of rap community, even if you are an unknown artist. The main criterion is quality music, not the author popularity.


Created by fans. Also, with the years of Spotify, listeners have created several billion of such playlists. When your fans add your tracks to their playlists, Spotify offers your music to users with similar musical tastes like your fans. The more people hear your music, the more chances Spotify will add your songs to editorial playlists.

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