1,000 Spotify Monthly Listeners


Increase your popularity on one of the best streaming platforms with our new service - Spotify monthly listeners! We help artists to promote their Spotify tracks and grow their following through our special promotion campaigns. Buy 1k monthly listeners and make your Spotify platform looking alive!

Delivery: 2 days. 

❌ Essential Note: If the current count of monthly listeners you have is around or more than 5k, we need to warn you. Likely, the new listeners you order will be added after your statistics update directly from Spotify. Therefore, please, keep in mind that in this case, the promo will start after the update. 

Reason: To avoid a drop or any other problem from the Spotify platform. If you are not agreed to this, but you have already purchased, please let us know immediately, and we will cancel the order (only if the promo has not started yet). If the process was launched, then, unfortunately, the refund is impossible.

❗️Monthly listeners: Unique listeners who play your music during a 28-day period. People listen differently on different days of the week. Using a window of 28 days means Spotify always includes an equal number of each day (i.e., the same number of Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc.).

Who Has the Most Monthly listeners on Spotify

It isn't necessarily that your listeners are so concerned with the number breakdown, but rather it is the algorithm that considers these things. But you can make the algorithm work to your favor and one way is to have the right kind of numbers.

The Monthly Listeners statistic is exactly what it sounds like. It is the number of active listeners you have in the last 30 days. Naturally, having a more active group of monthly listeners is going to be viewed favorably as far as the algorithm is concerned.

One of the keys is that these need to be unique, individual listeners; exactly what is offered by the service. It should be noted that the number of listeners may be over-delivered. It’s not something you’ll need to worry about, simply better to overshoot than to undershoot when dealing with a service such as this.

The Utility of Monthly Listeners vs Bulk Listens

You’ll find that there are different forms of Spotify plays that you can purchase. Whether it’s targeted plays, premium plays, or whatever else, you have options.

One of the benefits of purchasing monthly listens is the fact that your content is going to be engaging listeners indefinitely for an extended period. The name of the game is engagement.

Bulk listens can provide a surge and a boost to your account. However, it can potentially be short-lived if it doesn’t end up generating momentum.

The benefit of purchasing monthly listeners is that you are going to end up with a similar result, but the process of attaining that result appears more natural and therefore will be rewarded by the algorithm.


It is also undeniable that people’s perception of your music or podcast is going to be affected by how many other people they think are listening.

It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature; at least for the struggling artist who is trying to get their foot in the door. This service can serve as that step in the door in terms of audience perception. Conveying an active audience will increase credibility.


It cannot be stressed enough how much emphasis is placed on security and making sure the service is delivered and reliable.

The listeners are spread out neatly, all with different devices and operating systems. You won’t be getting listeners with strange IP addresses or other suspicious details. This is done using complex computer science along with an international network of professionals.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Prices are going to vary depending on the specific service, but it’s probably less than most people expect it to be. Some of the more basic ‘starter packs’ can be purchased for around $5-10.

Of course, there are more expensive premium packages that are going to get you way more listeners, but those will cost more.

*PLEASE, NOTE: Sometimes the number of listeners may be overly delivered. But it is safe.