100,000 Spotify Premium Royalty Plays


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There are a few small investments that you can make to bring your music to a wider audience, potentially generating large engagement. Purchasing Spotify premium plays is one of those investments.

Why Spotify Premium Royalty playsare good for your promotion

We’re all victims of the algorithm.

Say what you will about it, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but the bottom line is you need to know how to maneuver in this new environment. It’s especially true if you happen to be an artist.

Musicians have faced the same primary issue for generations now: how do I get my music to the people who will like it? You can phrase that issue in many different ways, but that’s the main idea.

The Gatekeepers

For a long time, there were the Gatekeepers. These people came in the form of music executives and agencies. They were necessary because, basically, the only way to get your music out there in the world was to have radio stations play it. Some random bozo can’t just walk up to a radio station and hand them a CD. You needed to work through the whole network.

Direct to Consumer

As you probably know, the landscape has changed dramatically. Artists are able to get their work directly to consumers. YouTube was probably the first service that showed people that you don’t need the Gatekeepers anymore. They are still there, and that path is still available, but it’s no longer necessary.

Next came streaming services such as Spotify. These have become of primary importance to musicians.

Playing the Game

Well, it comes down to the algorithm. It takes a little bit of creativity and savvy, but the algorithm can be influenced.

This is where the value of buying Spotify Premium Royalty plays comes in. If you’re wondering how to promote your music on Spotify, it’s worth at least considering.

The service offered here is going to provide Premium Spotify plays on your music.

Worthwhile Purchase

Few things end up contributing more to your success with the algorithm than plays. I mean, you could make the argument that listeners are more important, but why are they important? It’s because they deliver plays reliably. In the end, the plays are what count.

With that being said, an investment in plays, especially premium plays, can end up paying for itself in terms of your exposure. When your music has more success according to the algorithm, more people end up accessing and hearing it.

What type of play you'll get

The algorithm weighs premium plays more heavily than regular plays. For good reason, when you think about it. Premium customers are an integral part of Spotify’s business model. It makes sense that the algorithm rewards those accounts in that way.

So, those are the types of plays you are going to get. It will help boost your standing on the service.


These plays are all-retention. In other words, the whole song is being listened to. If you think that doesn’t matter, you’re mistaken. Again, it plays into the algorithm; a full listen carries more weight than just a few seconds.

The retention aspect turns out to be a big factor. A lot of these services offering plays focus only on quantity. What they don’t realize is the fact that retention plays nearly as big a role as far as the Spotify algorithm is concerned.

Here’s the deal, the old Gatekeepers are being irrelevant. The new Gatekeepers are algorithms. But the algorithms can be manipulated.

A big boost in listens, especially if they are all-retention listens, is going to spring you forward in the algorithm. It’s become a viable way to promote your music. It’s a sea of musicians, why not utilize an effective strategy? Get your music to listeners who will really appreciate it.

Delivery time: 3-4 months. 

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