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How To Win In A Run Using Instagram promotion


No, we don't speak here about the sprint, not even about athleticism. We speak about the music marathon run in the industry faster than Usain Bolt. While other musicians concentrate on buying equipment for the creation of their music, you as a newbie should sneak behind their backs while they are not watching. Catch them sleepy and invest smartly. The music you'll create will have no purpose if there's no one to listen to it. Eventually to show off to girls. As well we don't count aunties and mamas' friends from work for active fans. Instagram music promotion is the run any musicians shall by ticket. If they would like to be talked about outside of the living room, during elderlies tea time. Wear your sporty shoes, and embark on a training music promotion Pros ★


Free Instagram Promotions For Musicians Pros and Cons 


Forget all that you have learned about Instagram. All those days and months spent with your favorite toy in hands. Writing long posts below photos and hoping it will attract at least five more followers to your page. The year is 2020 and the new rules are in the game. The organic campaign you've condemned on which you've spent time, nerves, and funds just to see some result. Adding to your network random people only to get in more Instagram suggestions. None of this will work on your Instagram story, and by this, we don't mean about the story as an option on your profile. 


Also, don't compare yourself to successful Instagram profiles and how they've done it. Free promotions on Instagram or any other network on your own are easy when you have some name. And lots of followers to whom you'll present your brand. So the Pros for this way of promotion solely goes to funding, as it's completely free of charge. You'll spend zero bucks for it, but results very often comply with the funds you've invested. On the other hand, we have Instagram paid promotions. Although this sounds unpopular among the internet crowd, investing in your Instagram will bring you to later stages of free traffic you've always dreamed about. But as nothing is easy in life, you'll need to sweat and work the bum off to find the best Instagram paid promotion. 


How to be sure you're promotional choice is 100% SAFE and LEGIT? 

First of all research. Nowadays the internet keeps all information about any product, available to everyone willing to dig. And the second always compares the coasts of promotional plans. Restaurants with Michelin stars are significantly more expensive than dinners in your neighborhood. Due to the quality of their product and five-star service they provide to the customers. If you see an Instagram promo campaign for only two bucks, be assured it’s an MC burger of promotion, not T-Bone steak. After your CSI work is done, and you find a service with real followers and legit, a service which provides safe methods to boost your Instagram popularity, you're set to go and to explore the best promotion strategies for your music. And boi there are dozens. 


Freed your mind and be creative in mixing and stirring available services. From choosing fast or gradual growth to the number of likes or followers. yes, you have read that correctly. By one or two clicks in your life, you can monitor and impact the number of visitors on your stories, for example. Crazy right? And that's not all. Instagram paid promotions do cover every aspect of the application. So you'll be able to manage likes, followers, stories, or comments


Promotion costs may vary, due to the number of promotional plans, you use in your Instagram campaign 🚀🚀🚀. But the experience of artists who already implemented this sort of promotion and contribution they've got from it showed like a free investment for the future as they'll get much more than for what was paid. So let’s see what you can shop with us for your Instagram success. 


Why Buying Follower Represent the Core To Any Instagram Promotional Campaign 


On Instagram like on any other network, personal or professional success, is shaped through the volume of users following your content or brand. We can see as a perfect example Hip Hop stars Tamizha. Coming from a region so unusual to Hip Hop culture, or at least globally unknown, Indian duo gradually become world-famous. This eccentric and exotic duo, coming from Chennai, India global population own not only to excellent creation but to the smart internet campaigns. Since the duo's worldwide boom, their Instagram profile was influencing only India and the region. In 2011 the duo decided to promote on Instagram and within a few months became a global sensation. Now, Tamizha Hip Hop is a leader in the Asian hip hop scene. And a powerful tool in the hands of Asian rap. Using the same path Tamizha did, any artist out there can aware millions of users online about their music and brand. 


Buying Instagram followers, will not only grow your fan base for a price much cheaper than results will show but eventually will grow your base of followers even after reaching a paid promotion plan. Now you're asking how is possible to get something for free with a price on it? Simply, we all like to share on our social networks posts we like. The music we listen to. Or to quote our favorite artists, actors, writers. Followers you'll buy will grow your follower lists as they'll share your content, across the app, or on Facebook or Twitter for instance. Organic flow to your Instagram will jump and be recon by google algorithms bringing you even more followers. You can do or at least try the same scenario but without the purchase of followers, but results from this way of promoting will not follow your ambition. 


Power Off Instagram Views - And How To Grow Their Number 


Y'all know who's plummy and cheeky DJ Khaled. And, y'all wonder why he finds a place within paragraphs about growing Instagram views. Believe it or not, even the biggest stars in the game use perfectly shaped and designed promotion plans to boost their online presence. In the supersonic industry, like the music is, artists need to crave and starve for progress. The best example is exactly the DJ Khaled. Star wasn't satisfied with million views of his live story with Rihana during shooting the video for the song “Wild Thoughts'’. Instead, he highlighted the story and invested in more views. Knowing the story will go viral, and raised his already mountain high popularity. Artist push created one amazing tool to dig and export more in value to your Instagram brand. This tool will add free views to your stories on Instagram. But to not stay only on the stories, our tool is expanding to all content you post through the app. Live stories, videos, even photos. The tool has few options to satisfy the hunger of our customers. It depends solely on your hunger, how many views your stories or videos might have. We have the food, don't starve digitally! 


World Star Hip Hop-Best Way To Reach Thousand Of Likes On Instagram 


World Star ⭐️ Hip Hop, though sounds like a record label, actually is a specifically designed video blog. From the name, we can clearly see the sphere of specializations. The service was founded in 2005 and positioned as a pioneer of hip-hop music promoting, globally. Overseeing possibilities and prospects mobile apps could provide, they've turned to Instagram. And they turned the app upside-down. Now it is the best, fastest, and easiest way to gain tons of likes on Instagram in a matter of hours or even minutes. 


World Star Hip Hop is an Instagram profile followed by more than 20 million users, among whom you'll run onto names like Snoop Dog or Jay-Z. And if that's not a hook you'll attach to, knowing the stars like DJ Envy or DJ Academiks gain most from their music, through the post of World Star Hip Hop, should be a bite you'll want to swallow. Also, posts World Star Hip Hop shares on the app, are seen and shared more than a billion times. And their promotion plans are recognized as the best on the app, for any rising or well-known star. Artist push will engage your music creation and your brand to this global giant. Bringing you so many free likes, you've been only dreaming to. With a wide-open watery mouth. Your Instagram notification will either be on the silent or overwhelming screensaver. The choice is yours. 


Why Buying Comments Promo Plans Can Help Your Digital Marketing 


Comments we've made on social networks can make a bigger impact than photos or videos we post. And still, they're so underestimated. Wrongfully! Hashtags are well known to everyone. Using the right hashtag at the right moment can bring traffic to your profile and posts. But hashtags in combination with engaging comments are a true bomb of Instagram promotion. How many times all of us skipped some hashtag as it wasn't followed by a written explanation. Engaging or not, we rather go for something more understandable to our eyes, than dipping into the unknown world. On the other hand, we all can witness how many times we were driven to Instagram profiles only by comments we saw. Or comment with the hashtag we picked up on the app. 


Our selected promotional plans do include the option for comments, Instagram custom made comments, and correct usage of hashtags in those comments. We want to stress that all of the comments are made from real users, avoiding the trap of bots. Perfect proof to it is our brand new plan for "custom made comments", as machines did advance but fortunately or not they're still far away to come inside of our minds and play with it. For a reasonably cheap price nowadays any Instagram profile can be an object of gossip on the app. These gossips are rather something positive and helpful than evil, envying chat between friends. Being largely commented on the app will show to Instagram algorithms there's a hype around your name. And these algorithms will organically create a path to your profile to a larger amount of Instagram users. Giving your brand a better chance for promotion and gaining popularity. 


Mixed Promo Packs For Musicians For Best Valuation Of Instagram Presence 


You have learned already about organic promotions for musicians and how stressful they know to be. But what if we tell you there's a service who work for your goal, far away from everyone's eyes? Our Mixed Promotional packages are created to engage all Instagram features with your music. Features who will in a later stage make a boom of your name, making it visible to a larger number of Insta fanatics. You'll get likes, followers, and comments at once. In number you desired or crafted to your goal. Also, we'll take care of video promotion resolution on your Insta stories. Stories and videos are an excellent tool to keep your fans and potential new followers looped to your name. 


No one will remember or be amused by video who seems like was filmed with an old Nokia phone. They'll just not bother to watch. And if no one watches your videos or stories, no one will share. Simple as that. Which will lead to the loss of followers and the inability of finding new ones! But if you invest smart, into Mixed Pack Promotions and follow directions on quality of your content ( resolution, idea, caption ), you will set your organic promotion on a sail, even without a captain. This means, your Instagram will work for itself, giving you more time and energy to concentrate on creation. 


With our mixed promo packs, everyone can be a mixologist for a day, without any bartending knowledge. 

Mix and stir likes & followers. Or comments and likes, or maybe you'll go hard from the beginning and shake all of the ingredients. Best cocktails come in a shaker with dozens of different ingredients, the same goes for our promo packages. By far, the best results were achieved when our customers mixed all our products. Followers, likes, comments, and views, made aftertaste of sweet victory over Instagram in their mouth. In a short time, they cut off their thirst and hunger for success and popularity.


Instagram Promo Services - Promotion Guidelines And Useful Info's 


Our dedicated team of marketing professionals places their knowledge and experience, gained through the years spent on application solely to reach your goal and make you Instagram star in time you determined. Services we carefully crafted over the past years consist of numbers of followers you'll like to add to your profile. Likes your posts, photos, and videos will gain in real-time on the application. 


Making your brand viral. Views to your stories, which will place you on a search feed and bring you closer to the larger Instagram scene. And last but not least custom comments and engaging hashtags from real Instagram users. 

Creating the hype around your name on the app and forcing Instagram algorithms to pay attention to your brand. But before all this can happen there are some guidelines you, as a musician should study and follow. 

Converting to a Business profile is a must if you plan to promote your music on the app. Taking this step you'll be able to use some excellent tools Instagram offers to business profiles, like analytics, direct contact buttons, or additional features specially developed for marketing and promoting

Choosing your profile photo might look like the least important step on the app, but the facts say a good photo attracts more people to a profile than creation. If you're into branding, consider creating a logo. Logos show the professional spirit and determination to succeed. 

Next in the line with a profile photo is a BIO. Eye-catching and engaging BIO can tell a lot about you in just a few sentences. 


Keeping readers amused and curious rather than bored and feeling like they wanna jump from the balcony from the amount of cringe they just survived, will force them to share your profile with a best friend. Okay, they'll share cringe profiles either but from a different point of view. 

Instagram is the most visual application out there. Posting high-quality photos and videos will give you a look of a professional musician. What to post and when if you are a musician. 


❗️The first rule to follow - Do not post too much or less. Find a balance. Second rule-engage yourself into posts about music, other musicians, or record labels. In particular with everything connected to you or your music. 

❗️Write good captions. They could be an avalanche of virility on the app. Leave the comments on other musicians' posts or videos and photos. Reasons for this are countless, but we'll single two most important. As a potential collaboration in the future with the artist, you're following. Or presenting yourself to a larger amount of Instagram users. 

❗️Know when to post. Of course, if you post at 2 a.m. chances you'll be viral or seen by a larger number of users are lower. Always post at peak time on the app. 

❗️Insta Stories. A perfect tool to attract followers. As musicians are still ordinary people, with ordinary needs and not machines, their fans would love to know more about them personally. And stories are just like made for that. Make live stories from the barbershop, or hitting a treadmill in order to prepare yourself physically for the next live gig. 


From shopping for a new pair of Balensiaga sneakers or cozy Sunday lunch at mum's place. Not only your fans will appreciate it, but it will also give them that strong bonding loop with you. Consider live gigs into stories as well. Following the guidance, you'll bring your profile to something bigger than organic promotion. Thus the field will be prepared, and foundation set up for the more serious Instagram project with paid promo plans for musicians. As we're an organization of professionals who know the value of money and who are dedicated to company and client goals, we do offer a refund on a few occasions. 


Sometimes in life things can go a different way than we plan, and from the following reasons we offer a full refund in case of: 

  • Technical issues.
  • Broken links we gathered from clients If the product wasn't delivered in the time presented to the client, we do offer two options to clients: 
  • Partial refund 
  • Or other suitable solutions, without additional charge.

In all other cases, like service expired due to time frame, or you changed your mind after the product was delivered, company policy is to not refund to clients. In that matter, we will appreciate it if you will carefully read and understand the product you're about to purchase. Our customer support is always on hand to help, and bring products more understandable to potential clients.