Two Networks Push


Monthly organic growth on 2x social platforms.

Same growth, different venues: 1,000 followers + 1,000 likes, spread naturally over a month. Real & active users!

Choose two among: 

Facebook (1,000 fanpage likes + 1,000 posts likes)
TikTok (1,000 followers + 1,000 likes)
Instagram (1,000 followers + 1,000 likes)
YouTube (100 subscribers + 1,000 video views)

Our customers worldwide love Network Push because it's simple and easy. The formula is: set it once and forget about social promotion entirely. For the next month, you're covered.

It has never been more straightforward to get music social media marketing for your music out of the way. All you have to do is choose the networks most suitable to your music project and budget, set the autopilot, and let us do all the legwork.

And even when they do, you'll have to plan and select followers and likes yourself, and get back to check periodically whether you've used your quota. To that, add periodic spikes in followers, subscribers and likes, (e.g. 2,000 in a few hours), and you get social media promotion that's forced and clearly fake. 

Not in here! With the Release Push packages, you get 1,000 followers/subscribers AND 1,000 favorites/likes, spread across your posts, pics or tweets – evenly and realistically spread around one month. You choose the networks, and we do all the work! This pack is for 2x social networks.

This makes the promotion real, natural and organic and conveys credibility and traction to your social profiles. Cool, right? Treat your social presence to a superior autopilot program.

Order today and we'll get to work straight away. We just need your choice of two networks among Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and your handles/URLs for the selected network. You can easily specify this in the message section when placing your order. See you soon!


By the way, we do sell individual social media marketing packs that target individual networks. These are the same real, high-activity profiles we use in here, but we deliver them without spikes or weird geo-location. Catch 'em all on the home page.