Get the FRESHEST most known Techno labels contacts base for 2020. The email list includes more than 600 worldwide labels. You will get general and demo contacts, list of locations. Knowing the contacts of advanced techno labels, you can get feedbacks from their owners, than to secure a successful music career. 

Genres: Techno, Deep Techno, Tech House 

*Some contacts may be non-working.


Here's some of the labels we've included to the list:

Drumcode, Bedrock Records, Deeperfect Records, Suara, 1605, Intec, Octopus Recordings, SCI+TEC, Saved Records, microCastle, 100% Pure, Tronic, BPitch Control, Parquet Recordings, Truesoul, Systematic Recordings, Hexagon Recordings, Agile Recordings, Analytictrail, Turbo Recordings, Circus Recordings, Eclipse Recordings, Senso Sounds, Kompakt, Funk'n Deep Records, Kraftek, Bosphorus Underground Recordings, Phobiq, Manual Music, Be One Records, Terminal M, IAMT, Sleaze Records (UK), Transmit Recordings, Bitten, Dekmantel, Unity Records, Keinemusik, Hotflush Recordings, Click Records, Organism, Alleanza, Dark Face Recordings, ADRO Records, Frequenza, Oxytech Records, Toolroom Trax, Running Back, Dantze, Naked Lunch, Amazing Records, Figure, Relief, Respekt Recordings, DSR Digital, Qilla Records, Delsin Records, Loose Records, Reload Black Label, Carypla Records, Selador, Boiler Underground Records, Soma Records, Chibar Records, Groovant Music, Flow Vinyl, Bach Music, Clorophilla Records, Break New Soil Recordings, Pata Pata Recordings, Gate Null Recordings, Dynamic Reflection, Cinematique, Jumpstereo Records, Renesanz, Downright, Tulipa Recordings, Mind Field Records, Upfront Records, Klinik Room, PRIME NUMBERS, Yin Yang, Rhythm Converted, Wide Angle Recordings, Unrilis, Sensum Digital, PitchBend Recording, Big Punch Records, Yoshitoshi Recordings, Moonklift Records, Infamous Recordings, De-Konstrukt, Token, iElektronix Recordings, Comade Music, Traum, Afterlife Records, Spliced Vinyl Recordings, Footwork, Egothermia, Viena Music, CTS Records, Mindshake Records, MOOD, BluFin, Natura Viva Black, Solid Groove Records, LW Recordings, voxnox Records, Second State, Animate Dummy Recordings, Central Processing Unit, Natura Sonoris, ELEVATE, Trapez, Genesa Records, Phunk Traxx, Green Nights Records, Hi Tek Records, Elastic Beatz, Blueprint Records, Audio Elite, Concepto Hipnotico, Play Techno Records, Playmobil, Nell Records, Trip, Bullfinch, Qubiq Records, Sonika Music, Klockworks, Uroborus, Miniaturesrec, Reload Records, Planet Rhythm, Marba Records, Motech Records, Ambber Records, Illogic Music, Subwoofer Records, Selected Records, Naughty Pills Records, Consumed Music, Beat Therapy Records, Leap4rog Music, Hush Recordz Limited, Bashi Records, Fett Recordings, 808 Recordings, Sanex Music, Neverending Records, Dystopian, Stereo Enchained, Etruria Beat, PFL Records, Diamond Rec, KD RAW, Ushuaia Music, Chemical Beats Records, Jannowitz Records, Yellow Recordings, Login records, Minar Records, Aeon, Be As One, Riot Recordings, District Audio, Synus Records, Trial Records, NuLabel, Neoteck Music, Spazio Sonoro Records, Guava, Incroyable Music, Kaputt, Prospect Records, Progrezo Records, Boogie Recordings, Jssst Records, NEO, Bla Bla, Angry Rabbit Records, Music Is The Drug, Creptonit Records, Inminimax Records, Underground Family Records, Innertek Recordings, Boom Zwapp Records, Orange Recordings, Comeme, Devotion Records, Deep Water Recordings, Night Light Records, Phonica Recordings, Ahnenerbe Records, Life Sentence Rec, Factory Beat Recordings, Lord Musik, Avian, Irene Records, Triplepoint, YoD Recordings, Pornographic Recordings, Vike Recordings, Aerotek Recordings, Metrika, Tresor, Putsch Records, Mandarina Records, Cutoff Recordings, Human Garden Music, Lucidflow, Black Square Recordings, MKT rec, Gain Records, Nocturnal Sound Records, Climax Label, Traxacid, Sbert Records, Mona Records, Soupherb Records, Elektrotribe Records, Sender Records, 7th Cloud, Ardor, Zombie Soundsystem, Skeleton, Skylab Records, Dynamo Recordings, Beat Control Records, This Is Hot Audio, Level One Records, Opilec Music, Synchronic Recordings, Laut Und Luise, Logicalsounds, District Facility, Biotech Recordings, Harthouse, Strange Town Recordings, 4AllRecords, Technobuse Records, CB Recordings, Open Records, Fierce Animal Recordings, Darktek Digital, Different Is Different Records, Quartz Rec, Konsep Records, Klangwelt, Techsturbation Records, We Love Techno, Deux Minds Records, Trashz Recordz, Whistleblower Records, Digital Structures, H-Productions, Airtaxi Records, Bequem Digital, Coincidence Records, GAG Digital Records, Alma-Electronica, SubSensory Recordings, Friday Lights Exclusive, Double Bass Records, Joprec, Antistatic Rec, Beginning Label, Mord, Pure Enjoyment Recording, Free Spirit Records, Puchero Records, Phobos Records, Tauten, Supermarket, Weekend Circuit, RoboCrafting Music, Perception Corp, Cosmikal Records, Electropical Record, Aftertech Records, Treibjagd Records, Potobolo Records, Noisy Darts Records, 18-09 Records, Planet E Communications, Nativa Recordings, Reload Black Label LTD, uno., La Famiglia Recordings, GT Muzike, Volt9 Records, mk Recordings, Morforecs, Lohit Records, Horns And Hoofs Entertainment, Black Kat, Slideways, Evolution KMS Records, Kynatix, Unaffected Records, Reflekt Records, 1103 Musik Berlin, Parabel, Soniquarium, Diligentia Records, Telrae, Refuge Digital (Soundz Good), Livity Sound Recordings, MFM Records, Gramola.Rec, Drakos Recordings, CZ, Sound Kleckse, Physical Techno Recordings, Catamount Records, Kubic Records, Univack, Homesick Music, Labrynth, Fade Records, Pro Clubbin Records, Callote, KP Recordings, Orion Muzik, A-Traction Records, Different Sound, Mazzinga Records, Keller, Bondage Records, Perfekt Groove Recordings, BullDog Records, Technz Records, Blackpoint Records, Del Sol Music, Dear Deer Black, K-84 Records, Switch Off Records, Electric Ballroom, Tiptop Audio Records, Hardwandler Records, Little Struggling Ant Records, Blot, Nerven Records, Electrovino Records, Side B Underground, Replic8 Recordings, Nila Rec, Work Them Records, Northern Electronics, The Manifesto Music, Moon Mission, Shaping Music, Underground Beats, AdMaiora, Discoswag, Debuger, Steyoyoke Black, Redrum Musi, Ella Unique, Not Another, Bassics Records, Nie Wieder Schlafen, Complete Records, Bade Records, Jeton Records, KRUNCH, 909 Individual, XOX Cult, IU2U Records, Ton Topferei, Sound Tool Records, Votan Records, Metrohm, Nextasy Music, Urban Kickz Recordings, HASH Records, Nachtwandler Records, Onesun Neon, Audio B, Tales Records, SonarWave Records, Remain Records, Clash & Splash, Plazma Records, Eichtal Recordings, Plus Beat Recordings, Elantris Records, Fixate Records, Be Synth Records, Konsequent, Paris Metro Music, Constructive Cycle, NoRobot Music, Plusfaktor, Kontact Tracks, Pysch, Defuse Records, Drum Tunnel Records, La Papillon, Railroad Recordings, Klangspektrum Records, Bigtools Records, Scarlet Carson Records, Keep On Techno Records, FineGrind Audio, Curiosity Music, Who Else Black, Lost Records, Atopic Muzik Records, Ellora, Klank Records, music cell, Awsm, Miaw, Addeepted, Renegade Alien Records, mTechno Records, Agara Music, Ohman Records, Neverest Records, Mosaic Sound System, Senssence, SANiLLE Recordings, IVI Records, Underxpression Records, Petra Beat Records, Hydraulix, Sound Avenue, Neuzeit, Yuna Beats Records, Luminar Records, Famara Records, Luzztro Records, Insane Code Recordings, Da Chronic, Regular Beats Records, THNK (Armada), Compacto Records, Intersection Records, Fingers Crossed Records, Abzolut, Mindwarp Records, MOTUM, 91 Records, Cerebelo Records, Gibbon Records, Xpezial Records, Solid Shape Records, Det Sync, Index Marcel Fengler, Interpol Records, Lemon Water, Filth On Acid, Cervidae Recordings, No Signal Records, Dark Fields Records, Factory Beat Black, Hypnohouse Trax, The Brothers Tracks, No-Logik Records, Santa Gema Unlimited, Morph, 7teen Records, Never Stop Music, Loophole Recordings, Retail Recordings, Yaww Recordings, Cadence Amazing, RAIN Records, Island Beats Music, Volute Records, DeepDownDirty, Groove 33, Files Rec., Jays Records, Azzura Records, Sync Forward, Level Up Records, Wood, Schakal Recordings, Myriad Techno Records, Cieli Di Orione, Aquaregia, Focus Records, ALTOSPIN, Skynet, Tears, Exploris, OVNI MUSIC, Dirty Brain Recordings, Roxxx, Hexagons Underground, Fryhide, Sunday Choruses, OB-8 Records, FEEL RAW, LTL RECORDINGS, Skryptom, Refused., Shibiza Recordings, Trianglesquare, Transform Recordings, Black Circus, Give And Receive Records, Shikki Mikki Records, Cobb Recordings, Traumwelten, Enemy Records, Einfach Nur Techno Digital, Black Vision, Techlove Records, Old School Music, Little Italy Music, Underground (Media Records), Nightshift Records, Ep Digital Music, Future Game, T2 Digital Releases, Klubinho, Prisma Techno, Let's Go Dancing Records, Jesus Was Black, GND Records, Rotraum Music, Culture Records, Neele Records, False Face Music, Ibiza Boys, Haustronaut, Fine Human Records, BeMassive Records, Miocene, Seddior Records, Savoir Faire, Absence Of Facts, Break Through, ODD Recordings, VOLTAGE Records, NoMatter, Circulate, Dyami, Transfiguration Recordings, Floor Friendly Music, TUTU, Dissident Movement, Jesus Love Records, Red Orb Records, Lapaka Sounds, PNA Records, Bubblejam, Escapism, Betanol Records, Wiwax Records, Puzzle Music Underground, Dolma Records, Wirelab Records, Mirifique Music, Trau-ma, NightFrequency Records, Dirty Hands, Cube Trax, Monotony, Suah Records, Lowless, Heart & Lie, Nagual Research, THE CHEF MUSIC, Space Shuttle Recordings, Dark Beauty, ID Music Records, Rokum Records, Teleskopik Recordings, PL7, Sound Anarchy, Vinyllover Recordings, MONOTON Audio, Platform 7even, Fingers Records, Sound-of-techno, Oculus Records, Sticker Records, La Pera Records, Digital Room Records, Loose Lips, Yuko Record, Dancing In, Sonic Recordings, Liebe Zur Musik, Cremaster Records, WHATIPLAY, FMA Records, Unusual Recordings, Park Limited Muzik, Techno Pressure, Salomo, Mixmania, Labelton Music Record Label, Mercado Paralelo Music, Blackrod, Subkultur, Bass Agenda Recordings, EarToGround Records, Minihard, UMAS, Di5quiet Records, Prajnasonic, Soul De Anima, Voom Records, Slates Records, Futurist Recordings, Audio Marker, Low Clinic, ShakerToms Records, TK Records, Three Hands Records, Disorder Records, YOMO Records, Future Techno Records, MANHIGH Recordings, Subkutan Records, Doga Records, Trip Records, TeknoEM Records, TwistedVintage Records, TwistedVintage Music, ATYOPE, Neom Recordings, Modulator Records, Junky Robot, Arpkord Records, NOrMusic Records, Ghara Records, Neon Mouse Records, Arviebeats Records, Orca, Puntazo Label Records, APARAT REC., Lethal Bass, Minimal Sessions, Right Music Records, Havah Rec Lab, Anode Records, FIGURE JAMS, Society Music Recordings, Ascension®, REK Records, Fourfloor, MNSTRY, nuOn music, Steel Ground Records, Codex Recordings, Del Sol, Domozero, Micropope, Good Life Recordings, Illusions, Twisted Freud Recordings, Pyteca, Electronic Earthquake, SoulStorm Recordings, Blow Music, TAISH.