If you ever thought all-in-one music promotion pack was out of your price range. Think again! Artist Push offering this bundle for only $240. You will save $200 in one day! We collected the most useful and effective services for release promotion especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

This promo package includes: 

- 1,000 Spotify followers;

- 1,000 Soundcloud followers; 

- 10,000 Spotify plays (we can split all plays between max 5 tracks);

- 100,000 Soundcloud plays (we can split all plays between max 10 tracks);

- placement in 5 Spotify playlists (for one track only);

- placement in 5 Apple Music playlists (for one track only). 

*These playlists don't contain any followers. The placement in these playlists gives you the generation of high-conversion plays, which Spotify is fixed and, as a result, you will also receive royalties.

Delivery: 7-8 days. 

Our packages produced especially for Black Friday music deals to make a big impact on music platforms and build a successful music career.