Promote Your Music On 100 Radio Stations


You wrote a song or a track and you want: to be heard on the radio. Then you have come to the right place. We can push your music on 100 radio stations at once! Your music will hit the show on FM stations DAB stations and the IRN network with internet radio network. Shows play every day in every US state. 

Radio promotion is at an all-time high. Radio still continues to live and remains a popular instrument of music promo. It's a place where listeners still discover new music.

How to promote your music on the radio? Just send us your material and our curators team will start to implement your order immediately. We have huge US radio stations list and reliable connections on the field. 

Delivery time: 7 days. After delivery, you will receive playlists and a full report on the radio stations on which your track will be shown on air and online.