Personal Producer (NEW Service)

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You need a soundtrack for your video project, or you want to create a track, but not enough skills or the Muse left you! You need background music for the screensaver or you have nothing to sound a video. Boom! And our fresh service 'PERSONAL PRODUCER' comes to help you!

We have a large team of professional producers who are ready to write music in different genres. First, we will provide the first 30 seconds of the track, after which if necessary you make corrections and we continue to work. It is important to describe in great details the music you need. 

PLEASE NOTE: the services with the 0$ price tag are not "free": the tag means that promotion is custom-built and priced case by case. Email us at and specify all details. A good communication can create the best project.

Delivery time: from a week (depends on the complexity of the order and your individual wishes).