Artist Trampoline


Fun for the whole family, the trampoline gives you a moderate nudge into social & music networks worldwide.

Moderate Social + Soundcloud monthly growth:
+500 Facebook Followers
+500 Soundcloud Followers
+500 TikTok Followers
+500 Instagram Followers
+100 Youtube Subscribers

The name's pretty clear on this one: an artist is someone who makes art.
Not someone who sits in front of a computer sharing links on Facebook and waiting for the "perfect" time to tweet something clever. Nor someone who frantically peeks at a phone screen checking whether the Spotify and Soundcloud follower count has changed in the past 7 minutes. 

Don't do that. You're an artist. Do what you do best! Let us take care of your every music online promotion need, in a convenient monthly package that lets you focus on making and mixing awesome tunes.

The goal is to boost your reputation on all social & streaming venues, music promotion company giving you access to more and more followers and a viral spread of your music content and electronic music digital marketing campaigns. This entry-level pack gives you moderate social followers (minus Spotify).

Let's do this! To each customer, we send complex delivery reports and analytics insights, so you know where we're at every time.

Don't forget to check out our larger packs, too: the Artist Catapult (medium) and the ultimate Artist Rocket Booster (for reals, that's what they're called).