Artist Shot


To infinity and beyond! Fasten your seat belt and prepare for launch, because we're about to break orbit here.

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+3,000 Facebook Fan Page Likes
+3,000 Soundcloud Followers
+3,000 Instagram Followers
+3,000 Spotify Followers
+1,000 Youtube Subscribers

For the artist who wants to make art, here's the ultimate artist social push package: the shot!

Prepare to gain a huge, natural and organic following on all your social channels (+ Spotify!) over the course of a month. Forget wasting time staring on a screen for the wrong reasons: focus on music, not on following people on social media and posting content all the time. 

Do what you do best! We've got you covered when it comes to enhancing your reputation online. 

The Rocket Booster pack, the ultimate in our collection, gives you legions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube music followers. Add Soundcloud and Spotify followers and you're all set. 

Launch your online reputation to orbit. Spread your music virally across the social internet as new followers boost your social and streaming (Spotify, Soundcloud) profiles.

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 We'll send complex delivery reports and analytics insights, so you know where we're at it every time. If you're interested in smaller packages, check out the Basic and Medium Push promo packages.