Spotify Promotion

Shoot your music up to Spotty’s very top, with flexible promo packages that cover every size, speed and geo-targeting you can think of. Buy plays, followers and monthly listeners from fully active and real accounts from major music markets around the world. We push to top playlists, too, so you’re covered from every angle. Namaste, and happy promoting! 

What do IKEA and Spotify have in common?


Well, they’re both from Sweden.

And both result in something functionally beautiful after you’ve bothered to assemble the pieces together.

On one hand, a wonderful wardrobe with an impossible name. On the other, a killer Spotify promotion strategy that check-check-checks on the most important elements:

  • Explosive organic growth in followers
  • An avalanche of organic streams
  • Climbing Spotify charts and Discover Weekly
  • Your music featured in top Spotify playlists

Now, how do you “assemble” the path to get there?

Well, meet the building blocks of pro Spotify promotion: legit paid promotion packs, sized to fit the needs of any artist, DJ, producer or label. In particular: real followers, plays, as well as very specialized playlist submission services (which we also offer as a separate music promo category, by the way).

So, the many yummy goodies you see above are a long list of every Spotify marketing service you can think of, ready for you to grab, assemble, twist, turn, and combine into a stairway to the heavens of your music career.

Sounds interesting? Thought so. Here’s how it works, and why.

Spotify promotion with the right spin

Well now, how many paid music promotion services did you google / yandex / (hopefully not) bing to get here?
Did they offer “safe” and “cheap” promotion? Did they sell Spotify plays and followers for ridiculously high prices? Did they look dodgier than a dive bar after the apocalypse?

Chances are, they did, and that’s why paid music promotion gets a bad rep. Our ‘colleagues’ out there consistently overlook the two key principles that make music promo great:

  1. Keep it legit, with real plays & followers, proper targeting, and well-managed playlist submission 
  2. Keep it complete, with all the options and combination a DJ, record label or artist may need for their specific needs

With that in mind plus quite a few years under our belt, we’ve given the “buy Spotify promotion” term a new spin: one where you get to choose how to do it, and we deliver – no risk, BS, or false promises. (Btw, same story for Apple Music, go check it out). 

First off, what makes Spotify promotion legit? Well...

  • Real Spotify accounts to deliver paid followers and plays 
  • Real users around the world doing the streaming and following
  • High retention rate: your tracks and songs are streamed from intro to outro
  • Real, productive connections with Spotify playlist curators

That’s the foundation of all our services. And it’s the base of our complete Spotify promotion solution: fine-grained promo services that you can tailor to your objectives. If you go back up to all services, you’ll see loads of targeted, highly specific promo packages. You have premium Spotify accounts and loads of playlists, you can buy Spotify followers from specific countries, and even increase your monthly listeners stats.

With such a plethora of Spotify promo services, or even using promolta review, you’re spoiled for choice to do exactly what you need to do in order to stay on top of Spotify’s search and discovery algorithms, and as a consequence, also smash it with organic promotion. 

Why organic promotion?

Because people being the social bunch they are, they tend to do what others do, meaning your paid Spotify promotion yields incredibly magnified organic promo advantages:

  • When they see a lot of followers, they go ahead and follow
  • When they see your track multiple times (because you boosted plays), they listen to it 
  • When they find you in a playlist they like, they go and stream
  • … and when music blogs, playlist curators and other music industry folks see better stats, they pay attention and feature your music in the promotion channels they control.

Makes sense? Sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s the way it is, and it works every time.

So, paid’s the way baby! Of course, only if you stick to the premise above and keep things legit, efficient and well-balanced.

Keep reading for the exact description of what kind of music promotion we do for Spotify, and all the tricks that help us do it just, just right. Otherwise, just check those services out and decide for yourself.


1. Buy Spotify followers

One of the most common promotion services for music is paid Spotify followers.

And why in the heck wouldn’t it be?


Paid followers

From 500 to several thousands of real followers, ready to stream your tunes intro-to-outro (i.e. with high retention, read below). Spotify followers under this promo package come from all over the world, selected randomly based on current availability. This is a basic Spotify follower service, priced with killer value for your shekels.


Targeted followers

Real accounts from the countries you choose, so you can fine-tune your Spotify promotion to countries, regions and languages. We use very sophisticated geo-targeting promotion systems, and can schedule real streaming plays from all over the world with the perfect progression and distribution to push your music forward. 


Playlist followers

A huge boost of followers for your playlist(s). Being super-targeted, this promo service has killer value for money, so if playlist marketing is your thing, definitely give it a good thought. (Psst, looking for song/track submission to playlists? We got you covered with our specialized category right here).


Monthly listeners

The best Spotify artists are ranked as the most streamed artists, and the key stat is monthly listeners. 

By the way, we offer Spotify monthly listeners as a part of our Artist Push service, which also combines social media buzz for music, Soundcloud monthly listeners and other goodies. 


2. Paid Spotify plays

In a democracy, everyone’s vote has the same weight. Not like so in an ‘algorithmocracy’ made to snatch profits away from traditional music studio execs by, you know, giving listeners what they want, on demand.


Spotify plays

Regular real plays to boost your streaming statistics and smash that algorithmic discovery. Our plays are all high-retention, meaning they’re streamed from beginning to end, ensuring Spotify notices how your songs are growing in popularity, and pushes them up in charts and discovery. Free Spotify plays are great for both long-term promotion, where you boost your track, album or release, or for short bursts of interest that will push up the song in question and your DJ, label or artist profile as a whole. 


Spotify targeted plays

Hey, hola, tschuss, je t’aime. Each country has different tastes and different value for your sprint to popularity. So, why not make your music promotion geographically targeted? That’s what these promo services right here do: we select real followers from different countries and regions, and they give you plays that’ll boost your Spotify stats in those countries. 

Easy peasy, no? We deliver paid Spotify plays from the following countries: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Netherland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, France, Sweden. Check out product descriptions to learn more.


Spotify premium plays

While you may have read differently somewhere, Spotify free and premium plays are not the same. The algos give more weight to the paid streaming plays, and therefore they are more valuable when determining your standing in charts and organic discovery

Premium Spotify accounts have much bigger value for music promotion, because Spotify ranks them differently and pays them better attention, so when you’re ready for an extra boost of algorithmic love, buy these Spotify premium plays to push your tracks up there.

Top retention rate

If you thought hitting play for a couple of seconds counts as one play in Spotify, think again. Besides the number of Spotify plays, the streaming platform also considers the quality of your plays, nearly as importantly.


Plays quality is measured in retention rate: the percentage of the song’s length that gets actually streamed on Spotify. 

Now, retention rate is one of the best-kept-secret of Spotify promotion. Why a secret? Well, because it’s hard to attain for us music promotion pros, and few actually bother doing it.

See, for legit Spotify promotion, you need real followers to stream your music at specific times, and to make sure they actually stream the whole thing. In most cases, the music promoters don’t have the means to do this, so they just offer to boost play stats on Spotify without caring for retention.

So, what too happens is, artists, DJs, producers and labels looking to buy Spotify plays get short, artificial plays boosts that not only don’t improve overall ranking and organic followership growth, but actually get flagged by Spotify and ruin the artist’s standing.

Now that you know, rest easy and stream away: all our Spotify plays are top retention, so every play you buy keeps the doctor at bay - know what I mean?


3. Spotify playlist placement

Sure, “hacking” those streaming platform algorithms is nice and dandy. But how about the humans? 

You know, the real humans who actually go on and select songs that folks may like, and put them on playlist under the absolute authority and lofty title of “playlist curator”?

When listeners discover your music on Spotify or Apple Music playlists, the feeling and effect is multiple times stronger than with many paid promotion channels such as social media, search engine marketing, or in some cases even the Top Charts promotion services, e.g. Beatport.

That’s because, as you certainly know, playlists are intimate, private discovery experiences. When you follow a playlist and find new music that’s on there, you’re much more likely to remember and ‘favorite’ the music. 

Ding ding! That’s the sound of the postman carrying your new IKEA wardrobe.

It’s also the sound of coins from Spotify royalties. Let’s assemble the pieces and crack that streaming promotion once and for all. 

Scroll to top to buy the perfect mix of Spotify plays, followers, monthly listeners and playlist placement, with as many options as you can think of. Just define your music marketing strategy, and make it come to life to it with fine-grained promotion packs that’ll get you there fast. 

Last note: if you want to combine Spotify promotion with other services such as Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and Google Play Music, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok check out our combined Release Push packages, as well as Artist Push, which includes social media, too.

Ready? Happy promoting!