Basic Release Push

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Get noticed across music & streaming platforms.

    • 5,000 Soundcloud plays
    • 200 Soundcloud likes (favs)
    • 50 Soundcloud custom comments
    • 1,000 Apple Music plays
    • 1,000 Spotify plays
    • Push one track on THREE streaming playlists: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or Deezer (of your choice). 

New song or track? Here's all you need to make it FLY across the musical internets with music promotions!

Push your release forward for a month, with natural and organic growth in its playing stats and a truckload on visibility across the world's most popular streaming platforms (or better, ALL of them, if you choose the ultimate pack). Boom! There you go, a new hit made and baked!

This is the basic release digital promotion pack, giving you access to a good start on Soundcloud + THREE streaming services (you choose which ones out of a total of six).

So, why you need this? When new organic users see the high number of plays and followers, they're more likely to check your music out and fall in love with it. Today, you got Soundcloud + 4 platforms out of Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and Tidal.

  • On Soundcloud, enjoy plays, favs(likes) and comments from real music lovers, verified and active profiles from all over the world!
  • In the six streaming platforms, your music gets added to some of the hottest playlists out there, chosen by our expert team of electronic music professionals. This way, exposure is guaranteed.

Ordering is easy: you just need a PayPal address and 5 seconds to copy-paste a link to your song. We'll do the rest. We always send delivery reports and analytics on play, comment and fav statistics.