Artist Catapult


Calibrated for ballistic launches, this siege weapon shoots you high up to the social, music and streaming clouds.

Large music promotion, Social + SC + Spotify monthly growth:

+1,000 Facebook Fan Page Likes
+1,000 Soundcloud Followers
+1,000 TikTok Followers
+1,000 Instagram Followers
+500 Youtube Subscribers
+500 Spotify Followers

Delivery time: 10-14 days. 

Who is an artist? A guy or gal who makes art of course!

Here's the mid-tier, standard one of our comprehensive social media marketing packages for DJs and artists.

Forget sitting in front of a screen sharing content all the time and following people so they follow you back. Grab your headphones and focus on your music, because we've got your social media covered for an entire month. 

This package differs from the Artist Trampoline because it has more page likes, followers, and subscribers on those platforms, plus a nice addition of 500 Spotify followers. All those profiles are of authentic music lovers like yourself, sourced through our huge network developed over the years (remember that ArtistPush is a spin-off of a larger music promotion service).

Give your social + streaming reputation a huge boost, on all social & streaming venues, giving with a massive but spread-out increase in followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Insta) and Soundcloud _ Spotify.

Ready to become a social superstar? Order today music promotion and prepare for a month of all-around social following boost - no fingers lifted on your end. For even more massive coverage, be sure to check the Artist Rocket Booster package.

*The audience may be mixed or not real. 

For every delivery, we regularly send complete analytics reports & insights.