The Way Musicians Earn On Apple Music

The Way Musicians Earn On Apple Music

Over the past few years, the growth of streaming based music services has been impetuous.

These days, Spotify shows enormous paying subscribers and overall users statistic. Apple Music occurred big promotional campaign this year and continue growing as well. Also, Apple declares rising income for musicians and positive impact for whole the independent music economy.  

Proving itself to be one of the most popular players in the world of music streaming, Apple Music has exceeded 30 million subscribers (Sept. 2017, The Statistics Portal) with per-stream payouts recorded for a total of 42 countries.

Musicians can earn revenue from Apple Music by taking Interactive sound recording streaming royalty paid through label or distributor (CD Baby) or Mechanical royalties for interactive streaming paid to musician through his publisher or publishing administrator (CD Baby Pro).

Every time composition is performed by internet radio, songwriter or publisher are owed a public performance royalty. One of the columns of the new service is Beats 1 — a 24/7 radio station streaming worldwide. In addition to Beats 1, iTunes Radio stations play a big role in Apple Music’s music identification efforts.  

Non-interactive streaming plays generate a Digital Performance royalty for the usage of the sound recording.

Apple Music broadcast around 70% of their revenue back to the musicians. In general, a record label pays the artist and Apple pay the record label. How much and how often an artist makes money on Apple Music depends on their contract with the label.

As each contract is different, Apple pays a different amount depending on the song and the artist. Now artists have more listeners than ever but still, they are making less money than ever. Streaming platforms pay the labels and distributors, but the artists don't like it because the label takes most of the money.

Here is the good thing, in 2018 subscription-based and ad-supported services like Amazon Music, Apple Music,  SoundCloud and Spotify will give more weight in chart calculations than on net ad-supported YouTube service. Apple Music and Spotify will finally matter for Billboard Hot 100 and

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