SoundCloud 2018: The Main Tips for Promotion
SoundCloud 2018: The Main Tips for Promotion

SoundCloud 2018: The Main Tips for Promotion

One of the hottest topics 2017 was how Soundcloud going to fail his way through the transition to a paid business model. However, artists, podcasters, and labels still use it for their own benefit and 175 million people thoroughly enjoy SoundCloud each month.

Thousands of artists upload live and home mixes and podcasts on the streaming service. For a bunch of electronic music lovers and makers, this is the go-to place for new music and favorite producers mixes discovery.

And the top question is why are artists acting like they are owed money on Soundcloud all of a sudden and surprisingly not earn on their tracks? Soundcloud was presented as a place where anyone could upload any sort of audio they had created to share with others, kind of a pad of ideas. At first, that was a non-distribution platform, aimed to be a network of millions of users that are all on the lookout for new music, not expected to pay. The reward for musicians' work was a true fanbase, which is actually priceless.

Some DJs say that they would have never gotten noticed, never played any gigs without Soundcloud. Most people made their money by gaining listeners and then playing live gigs.
That was about exposure, not about money per song played. The original artists that actually popularised Soundcloud all were purposely putting their tracks completely free. It's only the big labels and already famous artists that were ruining it by expecting cash.

Nowadays artists can easily sell their music by adding 'Buy' Link to their songs. And because it is still the best space for fresh EDM, booking agencies and promoters pay attention to artist statistics on Soundcloud when planning the next gig.

Well, Artist Push team hope that to remind some basic SoundCloud promotional principles would be useful to grow your presence in 2018 both on and offline:

  • Create a marketing plan that lines your goals, so you know what success looks like.
  • Make your SoundCloud profile slapping by using professional images. Album art matters, especially on SoundCloud, your album or track artwork represents your music no matter where it goes.
  • Apply extra effort to varying your music content. Try doing cover songs, remixes, and music collaborations to fit the interests of your audience.
  • Upgrade your account to a paid subscription and use features, like Spotlight to boost your online music presence.
  • Get into the data with Soundcloud Pro, Google Analytics, and other analytics platforms.
  • Add a ‘Buy’ Link that will lead your fans to Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, Deezer, Junodownload, Traxsource or whatever else you use to sell your music online. 
  • It’s great to use private links to your tracks for sharing unfinished work with collaborators, send demos to labels or contacting other outlets like radio stations with exclusives.
  • Promote your music on all social media so you can start creating organic interest online by engaging fans.
  • Use a SoundCloud marketing company to get your original dose of social proof, so your online profiles look good to potential new fans and listeners.
  • Give your songs exposure with paid plays and gather people around your works.
  • Join “Groups”, follow an artist that you really like, make artist reposts, build relationships that lead to collaborations and helpful partnerships. You can create a community that you are looking for.
  • Don't forget to tag your music, make it discoverable when a listener is searching SoundCloud.

If you take these steps and promote your tracks to the right listeners, you will succeed. It will give you the social proof you need to attract booking companies and involve listeners that you desire.
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