New Melodic House & Techno genre on Beatport

New Melodic House & Techno genre on Beatport

An American online electronic music store by LiveStyle Beatport announced the opening of a new genre - Melodic House & Techno. Before this genre was attributed to other music styles: Techno, Deep House, Tech House and Electronica. This situation created confusion, it was difficult for artists to identify their music with a certain genre. To date, Beatport has moved to the fresh category more than 1.5 million tracks. 

Genre Melodic house & techno includes a blend of deep analogue sounding basslines, together with a collection of rich, melodic piano and synth loops.

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  • Pedro Alemida

    Good afternoon, I wanted a budget for EP promotion in Beatport, there would be a total of 4 EPs with a release scheduled for the months of May, July and September and November, waiting for your news. Thank you

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