Must-know streaming platforms promotion tips for a successful music career
Must-know streaming platforms promotion tips for a successful music career

Must-know streaming platforms promotion tips for a successful music career

Manage and regulate your own music distribution and reveal your tracks to new listeners all over the world!

To reach high rates and get the most out of the new feature in the music field, you have to be ready to go through rough water. Artist Push team highlighted two powerful marketing approach that actually works in 2018 and brings revenue for artists. 

Streaming Promotion 

Spotify and Apple Music playlists have become some of the most essential digital investing for artists and labels. If you can get up on a valuable playlist you can catch the flow of streams and earn some serious revenue.  

We are making an overall selection of great playlists made by music fans, measure data from each list we work with and do our best to develop a relationship with the actual humans that are controlling the list. If the playlist does not gain the song popularity we get rid of it. 

Playlists placement is now a critical part of a DJ's release strategy when it comes to Spotify artist promotion. When a track is added to a popular playlist, most probably listeners will add it to their personal playlists too. Top playlists are now tracked by traditional radio stations to an extent which songs are popular enough to add to their own programs.

Social Media Promotion

Artist push advises musicians to focus their effort into getting fans into a follow-up fun page process where you can actually build a relationship with followers.

We have put together a vast list of our favorite social media marketing ideas that you can use to engage new fans and followers throughout your campaign.

  • Sharing user-generated content is a great way to give your fans a first-hand impression of your events or music reviews while building stronger relationships with your followers. 
  • Giveaway and attract more fans. People love free party
  • invites, so you can make a post on your social media about a free ticket to your gig.
  • Cooperate with other promo groups to make big parties.
  • Post-behind-the-scenes photos and videos. This helps to show your audience creating music is a hardworking and fascinating process. 
  • A video is a great format to use to break things for your audience. Video tutorials or “how-to” videos are eye-catching and engaging, you can post it on social platforms. 

 Our long DJ email list and radio station email list bring powerful advantages to your artist push process. 


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