How to Promote Music & Grow Fanbase

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How to Promote Music & Grow Fanbase

Streaming promotion

Streaming platforms pressure artists release more and more material that without smart marketing strategy could be easily lost in an endless number of new tracks.

Critical micro-tasks and decisions until running your own marketing company could completely fry your creativity and uninspire for more emotional work.  

Artist Push aims to increase our client's trace of streaming services and points for music adoption and traction on streaming platforms, specifically, Apple Music and Spotify. 

Playlist Promotion benefits 

We track in full monthly listeners of an artist profile to define the campaign path. Our clients able to see their growth and choose the ideal time to release new content.

We will promote your apple music single through numerous playlists for 4 months. We do not guarantee a specific amount of plays but definitely, you will increase your fan base and receive royalties.

We are doing our best to maintain a strong amount of playlists followers by keeping it fresh with new music and staying genuine to the sound.

Artist Push team provides Itunes UK Top 100 promotion absolutely legal and advanced in the music industry

Social Media Promotion

To reach the real success you have to look beyond the music ecosystem. The big step on your path to success is setting up your social media.

The very first social media platform distributing music to people is YouTube. It is a highly powerful social media, especially for artists with a huge amount of users, creators-friendly and it is free.

You can upload all sorts of video material, from audios, videos, lyrics, covers to vlogs and all other material that is essential for a great music career.

Notice! Every bit of money you invest in your content to promote it will go back to you with sales and revenues.

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